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Winner. I hope that he finds a team that's gonna be competing all season long and into the playoffs because he's deserving of that much. And if he does play in significant games for a competitive team, believe me, it's gonna be fun to watch. He is one of the toughest guys out there he should every week. He consistently has unbelievable throws that oftentimes gofer, not because he hasn't had the greatest weapons around him. Obviously, Calvin Johnson was in him and Calvin Johnson connected for many, many catches in many, many yards. But let's face it. The Lions have had losers surrounding him for a long time near now, a decade of these 33 years old, there's gonna be a time to make a move. It's gonna be now happy trails to Matthew Stafford wherever you land I've always enjoyed watching you and I'm rooting for you to land on a competitive team wherever this is around the NFL and I can't wait to watch real football games. With Stafford under center. When we come back here on the show Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Marv Levy 95 years old and what a life he has led. He was Member of the military of the armed forces during World War two. He served our country back in World War two, then ended up as the head coach of the Montreal Allah wets in the Canadian Football League and won multiple great cups there. He that ends up in Kansas City is the head coach over the Chiefs, and those were tough times, and he ends up getting unceremoniously dumped in Kansas City only to a couple of years. Come back after a USFL stint with the Buffalo Bills and immediately helps build the bills into a winner, and he goes to four consecutive Super Bowls. One of the great

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