'The world is watching': Ugandans vote in tense election


Kohl's had closed and you can this presidential election tainted by widespread violence that some fear could escalate as security forces tried to stop supporters of the main opposition needed Bobby wine from munching cutting stations faces came out in force even the internet was cut off along the lines of faces snaked into the distance and the capital Kampala local coordinates Eric Matanga said voting went better than expected it's been quite North Dakota click expected I displayed press enter I think everything's mostly global health is a leader of the wine of life to the cheers of the crowd in cost of products he made the sign of the cross in may fifth distance mild wind told local Brokaw said that he will win although it may not be officially acknowledged by the Election Commission regardless of the artists the people of Uganda war we have been calling upon all alone to take charge of their future to take charge of this election I'm Karen Thomas

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