Glaringly apparent that Donald Trump absolutely crushed Joe Biden in the election.


Absolutely crushed Joe Biden in the election. This all puts box in a very tight spot. I think Fox is feeling kind of a pincer movement of bit that is NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik. He literally wrote a book about Fox News, and he covers media for NPR in this chat. David will tell me how Fox got in this predicament. And how they might get out of it. Plus what Trump's departure means for all cable news, not just Fox. All right, let's get to it. Fox is facing some challenges You've seen. MSNBC and CNN do certainly well in recent days, and even since the election But you've also seen Newsmax, which is a much much smaller outfit start to get some traction for its personality is an audience is fueled in part by people like President Trump saying Fox is disappointing me with all this. Reporting stuff, so let's go to other places where we can do it. So Fox even removed its 7 P.m. show, which was given by Martha MacCallum, a news anchor, not an opinion host. Although I'd say she was sort of Shows sympathy and consideration the president beyond what the facts might suggest, and they moved her to the more of an exiled time wise to mid afternoon. And so you

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