A highlight from Snorting Tortoise, Cricket and Sarnies, Samosa sarcophagus, Indian feast, Fat free ice-cream


Was a lovely little often bar rump for a friday. How everybody it's chappie is keep common. Calif nacho cheese. It's celebrating its sixty. We sixty today. Not quite in the level of the beatles when i'm sixty four but almost so probably Stumbling around forgetting things in Instead of misshapen tweet jackets potentially no sort of No sort of bottom pinching or anything along those lines. We've reached a good age sixty and Probably time to give the booze to save one's liver in terms of the podcast but it's it's fabulous to be bloody koldo. I mean it seriously as cold. It's it's too glove weather today to moss whether to underpants weather thermal underwear. Long johns are on. I mean you really need to. You need everything but the kitchen sink today. You know russian hats aplenty if laps down flaps down people and Try to keep warm. I mean walking the dogs this morning. I don't know how they didn't get frostbite on the little balls how i didn't get frostbite a my little polls. That's how i how frigid is. I mean we're in the middle of polish vortex. I mean that that's the name of rav fun cocktail doesn't it. I mean there are a lot of ice involved. I imagine the shaking starring Here we are game and we have one podcast coming coming tomorrow podcast today. So you know. That's that's that's really what we have the united for the for the for the balance of the weekend and some of the things that we may or may not be talking about number one. I have goose problem. I have goose problem. We'll be talking about long johns. We'll be talking about wax seals. We're thinking about valentine's day this weekend. But but what happened to the wax seal. There's a lovely way to to to the for for an envelope or or love. Lateran something along those lines. Also famed old bbc blue peter. Presenter apparently misfired nine hundred. Ninety eight was starting cocaine of some ancient reptile. We'll be talking about that. Also you're rhino or urinal etiquette is very important for us chaps. But i never thought about this. Before but in america there is iran. The lettuce and i think that is important for everybody to know. Maybe you ladies cover your is at this moment and also go greetings on instagram from fairly sting figure who Who has lost his way and lost his reputation and may be slightly slightly an easy that message from in this off the name also Yet that happened today as well. Frozen eyelashes also. Why haven't we given mosquitoes the covid vaccine. This is something that i was reading did a bit of research and many many years ago. They tried something similar. Also people who are not good at this new feigned poly-amorous type of thing probably should steer away have something a little bit more traditional nice cup of hot chocolate also something. I was thinking you know the the english butler and me was was thinking about. How scott's can keep warm. I mean they're getting it much worse. I mean we go the polar vortex here in chicago. Sorry in colorado and the scots have got no end of snow like an of snow. Maybe ten foot of snow. Something along those lines. Lots and lots of snow. They had it in my In the old county of norfolk. Where i was brought up Probably five or six inches. No snow here. But as i said defined the warm the cockles of one heart over the course of the the weekend when literally it will be bras monkeys fat free ice cream that tastes like the real thing. Also my by lovely snuggle tooth pirate of adult law jockey and crooked round with tea and sahni's that's water giles. Current says anyway the snowy woods of full of drama and indeed secrets. The perfect recipe is for one with no leftovers. Apparently the bordeaux wine industry hits back with balloons at turn hale into harmless rain. That sounds absolutely fantastic. Maybe looking for the best hot chocolate as well. I i saw something where that we using actual chocolate. Fake likes to make chocolate. But i think we'll be delving into maybe the best chocolate or hot chocolate over the next couple of days over this podcast. Tomorrow's lockdown fashioned a changing room tailored for you Chef tony banks to release one hundred forty pound michelin star takeaway valentine's day Also some trump trombone where we look at some of the awful headlines of the week and seeing if it's worth a Wa wa trombone or raspy sort of trump weetabix so that's a that's an english Cereal and people have been putting baked beans on it. Baked beans now. I'll bartering that we depicts here. We'll be looking that. As well. And jamie lee. Curtis is put popcorn and area instead of airbus. Apparently absolutely fantastic stuff so as always. We're hitting the top news. Really is almost like cnn. Podcast without a doubt. And that's chappie and it's keep coming cauliflower cheese number sixty so people are asking me you know casing london such a big city. How do you remember which stopped to take on the london underground now. I always referred them to office and the underground little offenbach tribute as i said earlier. But that's how i remember. And i do like to dress incident french Wine wine bar pinup boutique. When i'm when i'm on the underground so lots of frills Lots of garter belts and lots of pompoms and lots of high leg kicking. That's when i'm not dressed to the typical butler with the hat. But sometimes i do. Do the french boutique pinup with the bowler hat as well. But this is a great way of learning the london underground in you know some people learn visually and do learn would song and dance. I'm i need some musical theater to learn anything i mean. That's how you know university. Probably why didn't do so well. And ym humble butler now is that. I memorized everything. Not my mind. Mapping but by musical data i mean. That's that's the absolute key. I think when it comes to jogging one's memory remembering how much butter put on ones toes. How long to dip the t bank into the water all of this very important and also how to memorize all

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