Musk's Tesla says it invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin

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It was just about twenty three hours ago. That a tesla regulatory filing revealed that the company bought one and a half billion dollars in bitcoin and said that'd explained to accept bitcoin as payment in the future for cars since then. The price of bitcoin has soared setting a new high at around forty. Seven thousand. five hundred dollars. That's right forty. Seven thousand five hundred dollars even after the gains. We saw yesterday up by about another five point three percent today. We're also watching. The price of does coin shot higher after supportive tweets by elon. Musk rapper snoop dogg and kiss rocker. Gene simmons but android guests that. The biggie here is really elon. Musk matt levine. A columnist wrote a really interesting column. About how in the market these days it's not fundamentals that are driving things but proximity to elon. Musk and i thought that was pretty accurate. Given some of the swings we have seen recently oddly enough. He is not automatic right but oddly enough he is right in this case. Oh evan just proximity proximity

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