Cancel Culture: Slaying the Fox Monster

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We're going to cancel anybody. We disagree with cancel. Culture now has permeated every single part of our society. Sadly i predict it's only gonna get worse. Silence more dangerous voices. You know sean hannity. Maybe you're onto something in advance of an impeachment trial of ex-president on the grounds of inciting insurrection. There is growing sentiment for the cable. Channel that most amplified donald trump's ravings to be held accountable as well in the past week. The new york times washington post mother jones variety and cnn. All entertained musings about fox. One way or another being shunned from polite society. Washington post media columnist. Margaret sullivan declared quote corporations. That advertise on fox. News should walk away and citizens who care about the truth should demand that they do. Such is the post insurrection. Comeuppance zeitgeist after the january sixth riots mainstream social media rid itself of donald trump and thousands of other conspiracy theorists twitter. Dropped more than seventy thousand accounts devoted cunanan single day likewise partner. The extremist heavy twitter clone lost. it's internet host. Republican members of congress suddenly lost sources of campaign funds and donald trump himself lost crucial business relationships. Cancel culture sean. Well yeah more or less and so in this hour. We address two questions first. What if fox news were to be neutralized or at least radically ostracized and secondly in a democratic society in which free speech is foundational. Is that an outcome. We really want. Both questions are premised on the belief that whatever fox has been since one thousand nine hundred ninety six launch a megaphone for wedge issues fearmongering lies conspiracy theories culture. Wars has poisoned with sleep. Mutated it's no longer just an argument with the left. It's explicitly a safe space for insurrectionists and all those who imagine themselves under the heel of tyranny tens of millions of americans have no chance there are about to be crushed by the ascendant left. These people needed defender. You need a defender. Why is no one defending them. That was tucker carlson. One day after the storming of the capital which according to angelo kerosone president and ceo of the left leading advocacy group media matters for america exemplifies the channels dark and treacherous turn. They know that a part of their audience especially tucker's with this idea genocide that white culture is in some way being replaced in decayed and they are trying to appeal to that and they're warning them. They're coming for them. It's a political plain and simple. It's now standard operating procedure in the democratic party. Are you or have you ever been a supporter of donald trump on put a scarlet letter tv on supporters. This is a slippery slope. Are people going to say. We're not going to sell you a car. A republicans. we're not gonna. We're not going to issue you a mortgage conservatives. I mean how far does this go. And you listen as the geniuses explain how the single biggest threat to country isn't chinese. Hegemony or even the coming hyperinflation. Pretty much uncertainty now. Which was one hundred percent caused by elite mismanagement of our economy. But no let's not talk about that. The real threat is a forbidden idea. It's something called that's carlson. Dismissing worries about cunanan a cult dedicated to dismantling government filled with pedophile cannibals. Which is something of a departure from historical conservative values of states rights fiscal responsibility a strong military and self reliance because you know cannibals. The last year in particular is when it certainly seemed as though the cauldron of him and lies. That fox news had been boiling boiled. Over and i think it affected. Everybody's lives i with kobe and all the misinformation and how they influenced the public health response and then in the aftermath of the election. An how they kind of built the framework that really helped undermine the results in the minds a so many of our fellow citizens and after the rage it had helped fuel finally materialized into violence. Did fox hole back humbled in jason over. Its own dark power. No just last week. Here was fox news founder. rupert murdoch. Australia denouncing not insurrection but cancel culture is rigidly enforced. Conformity didn't better. I circled central me. A straightjacket on sensitive -tuni- people have fought too hard in too many places for freedom of speech. To be suppressed for this awful woke orthodoxy murdoch's denunciation of political correctness was widely interpreted as a vow not to cave either to the bleeding hearts or to the even fringe ear conservative channels like newsmax and one american news where many maga- fateful fled on election night. When fox was the first call arizona for joe biden in the aftermath the perennial ratings leader skidded at least temporarily to third place in cable news and for now. Murdoch is steering into the skid. Npr's david folkenflik reports by taking even more news fox news one of their top news. Anchors martha mccallum. She was shifted from seven pm prime evening slot to three pm in the afternoon. And that is a major opinion our and let's be clear conservative opinion. Our among those auditioning is maria bartiromo an anchor. Who has made a lot of unfounded. Unhinged claims here's one from let's just for the sake of argument except that fox news channel has not only crossed a line but defiantly stayed there and thus the chorus of calls for boycotts by its advertisers and of its advertisers in order to starve the beast in the interest of full disclosure in other spaces. I myself have called for that very thing. This happens to be the work. Kerosone media matters has been undertaking. Four years with mixed success. One of the big efforts was a campaign to get either glenn beck to be less destructive or ultimately fired and that's exactly what happens on the other hand or recently advertisers have sled tucker and laura ingram they have lost about half of their paid commercials they used to have more than thirty commercials show now the average between fourteen and sixteen and even though they've lost money obviously they're still on the network and they

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