The Amish Pandemic Sewing Frolic


It was friday april tenth. Two thousand twenty. The pandemic was really starting to roar. Ppe was scarcely in the supply chains. Were already breaking down. Every hospital was scrambling to find enough masks gowns and face shields. It was already every state every institution for itself. It was everywhere in the papers. Page one page to page three on page nine of the new york times dateline creek ohio. A headline cut on ape. Make a sewing frolic in ohio. The amish take on the corona virus. The story struck a deep chord in a state with us throughout these long months. The way this isolated centuries old self. Reliant community was rising to the occasion and collaborating with the world. Outside was something we wanted to know more about your attempt to record story. A new collaboration was born in that way that the pandemic has triggered all manner of new collaborations artists. Laurie anderson ohio born designer stacey hoover and producer. Evan jacoby all joined with the kitchen sisters to bring these voices to wear today. The kitchen sisters present. The great amish sewing frolic sugar creek. Ohio inca i. John miller manufacturer here with deep connections to the close knit amish community of central of got a call from cleveland clinic. When i get a call from purchasing cleveland cleaning at midnight i know needs. The hospital system was struggling to find protective face masks for it's fifty five thousand employees plus visitors. I thought about the fact that every amish lady in a community knows how we could then utilize the talents of the ladies into to make protective gear. Could his team so twelve thousand dollars. In two days he appealed to abe choi. Kind a local lumber neil and goods business and leader in the amish community. I called deep. Troyer and said make a sewing frolic a day later. Mr troyer had signed up sixty amish home. Seamstresses and cleveland clinic sewing from was i made patriotic ones. I think mine are also the other ones are from my sister. Sarah may meet those jeff. I am rudy Homemade candies. I'm curious sister. I am esther troyer. We had the candy store in the basement of our house. Frolic usually is using up as barn. Succumb people come from all around spectators as well as i have. Four course meal nash. Potatoes some kind of me sal desert. Some kind of dessert should be retire. But that doesn't pay the bills. So i can do this. The frolic of masks sewing is just. It's a group getting together doing a project as good. 'cause i went to egypt troyer to bring supplies. He's got three or four women in his own that console and they were cutting. The little wire knows please. That goes in the mass to conform to your nose on the kitchen table. Literally within three days the sewing machines were set up we had. I'm running in times like this. When can't have you no more than ten people in a room together you know. There's there's around. Ten thousand sewing machines in amish homes abe went and recruited sixty or one hundred sewers literally overnight and we may twelve thousand masks for cleveland clinic and forty eight hours that then turned into an order for one hundred forty thousand which scaled again. Currently we are making seven hundred and thirty eight thousand masks for the state of ohio.

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