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Play cyberpunk twenty seventy seven. Dr supercars battle corporations and upgrade your body cyberpunk twenty seventy seven. Buy your own copy today on xbox playstation pc and stadia rated mature. Welcome to murder minute on. Today's episode caroline wasilewki. But i your true crime. Headlines in wisconsin a beaver dam. Man has pleaded guilty to fatally shooting his ex-wife in a plea deal with prosecutors on tuesday. Thirty-three-year-old eulogies medina espinosa entered the plea to first degree intentional homicide in dodge county circuit court. He was charged with the march. Twenty nineteen shooting death of statia hollinshead. The shooting took place at a beaver dam residence. While hollinshead and the couple's daughter were visiting her grandparents espinosa's parents hollinshead was shot. Fifteen times while the girl was in a nearby room. Hollinshead was an assistant. State's attorney in. Dekalb county illinois. She had filed for divorce from espinosa in twenty sixteen won full custody of their daughter and filed for a protective order against him. The same year family members said that espinosa had been stalking her. The murder was beaver. Dams first homicide in over three decades. Espinosa will receive a life sentence but under the terms of the plea agreement may be eligible for parole and community supervision. Sentencing is scheduled for april fit in montana a seventeen year old accused of killing a fellow teenager inside a friend's bedroom earlier. This month has pleaded not guilty to deliberate homicide. The boy had been charged in the shooting. Death of seventeen year old deysi cheyenne more on december sixth. The boy was allegedly handling his friends. New gun and fired it at more. When challenged that he would not a different sixteen year. Old boy whose bedroom the group was hanging out in told police that he had purchased a semi automatic pistol on december fifth. Not the defendant was with him. The sixteen year old said that he left the pistols loaded magazine when they left the house to pick up more. Once the group was back in the bedroom he said the defendant retrieved the pistol and pointed it at more he then said that moore jokingly told the defendant that he would not shoot when police arrived on the scene around five. Am the defendant asked to be put in handcuffs and said i killed her several times. The three teenagers had been drinking at the time of the shooting. Police said they later found out that the gun was stolen though. The boy is being charged as an adult name is being protected. The boy can still argue for the case to be moved to youth court. His bail is set at five hundred thousand dollars. A truck driver that killed five bicyclists in nevada is now facing dui charges. Forty-five-year-old jordan alexander alexandersson told investigators that he fell asleep at the wheel. Blood tests showed that. Barcelona had nine times allowable amount of methamphetamine in his system. The flat faced truck plowed into at least seven bicyclists trailing a subaru amid about twenty cyclists making an annual one hundred and thirty mile ride from las vegas through the scenic desert in nevada and california to injured bicyclists. Were taken to the university medical center in las vegas and the driver of the subaru was also injured. Arson faces twelve felony charges including driving under the influence and reckless driving. Parson was arrested wednesday and booked into the mohave county jail. A man was fatally shot after his vehicle went around an immigration checkpoint in southern new mexico. The us border patrol said and authorities later discovered that he was wanted in iowa for murder. It was not immediately known whether the man shot himself or was struck by border patrol. Agents gunfire when they returned his fire during a pursuit which ended west of truth or consequences. A female passenger in the car was also taken into custody. No identities have been released and no details were provided on the iowa. Homicide those your true crime headlines up next caroline wasowski but first a quick break after. You've finished binging your favourite true crime. Podcast there's always one lingering questions staring you in the face now. What sure you could slip into a wikipedia wormhole researching everything about the show but when your brain or your browser tabs are full to the brim. It might be time to take a breather. That's when i like to clear. A few levels of best fiends. Best means is the app that engages my brain with challenging but fun puzzle games. The game is simple and fund. The good guys are the bugs and the bad guys are. This looks complete the puzzles to defeat the slugs collecting keys and unlocking new fiends. Along the way. Like edward the mosquito griddle the housefly. Gordon the scorpion. And my best fiend. Pop the axle. One of the things that i love about true crime is that the more you dig into the story the more layers you over and that's what's great about best fiends to the more. I play the more fun it gets and with new monthly updates themed challenges and they puzzles. There's always one more level and the adventure never gets old. This is my holiday. Must play so the next time you need a break from the news cycle or run out of shows to binge watch download. Best means free. You might find yourself wondering how you ever found. Time for dole moment before best. Fiends has thousands of levels already. It's hours of fun at your fingertips and can even be played offline this has one hundred million downloads and tons of five star reviews for a reason download best fiends free on the apple app store or google play. That's france without the our best fiends. The holiday season is upon us. And here it murder minute. 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