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Support a wife of seniors in the greater marin community. Area thank you for joining us. Thank you very for having me again today. It's it's a pleasure. It's an exciting time. It's a confusing time. It's been a scary time and secure year for a lot of people but we've actually got a good success story here and working with our surrounding community and i'm looking forward to telling you and others about it and things that they can do to stay safe. We're all waiting for these vaccines which fortunately we're some of us here going to be getting as soon as tomorrow. Well i know that the the seniors and the elders have been hit the hardest With this virus that you know in in the studies that i have done and that i have consulted with experts that you know the the strains that are in the coded actually bring out. If there is a underlining condition it brings it out especially the respiratory stuff coming you know and so that i feel you know there's i i have a my surrogate. Mom is up in washington belly and she lives in a in a community very nice community and no one. It's the same as your story except that some of this the Restaurants staff have had some issues and can't work there or whatever. They're you handling it. But you know kudos to keeping it all clean and you haven't lost anybody in your community you know. That's it. well thank you very much. Not only have. We not lost anybody. None of the residents of had coveted all has some team members have had and that's pretty typical of what we're seeing around the country and why now the plan is to vaccinate the workers in the hospital and the workers in nursing care because the residents aren't going out and getting in contact with with people getting infected and it is true eighty four percent of the people in marin who have passed away are those within a retirement community. Yes but they get it because the gene lives with families go. Shopping is out in the community. And even when we're careful and we're wearing masks like every hopefully is doing and trying to be socially distant their children get it there The way they bump into somebody in a situation where you know all of us had forgotten at some point to be fully protective and wear a mask or keep the social distance and the neighboring that into the communities advanced really how it spreads and spreads pretty quickly and as you mentioned in a scary way within communities so that's why the team members are going to be the first to be vaccinated so that they won't bring it in. They stopped at frontline of where the most vulnerable people are yet even in the most necessary occurring by stopping the team members from bring it in to the residents themselves. And it's it's a it's an excellent well thought out plan. it's a little. It takes a little while to think about understand why they would do people instead of the staff instead of the residents but it actually is based on the science yet. Well that's that's important to look at and you know i've been looking at the big picture of this and i'm actually horrified on some levels but over three hundred thousand people. That's pretty horrifying is a matter of fact. I saw the other day. That of the eight days in the us history where the most us citizens of die for them have been in the last two weeks the most people you look at vietnam you look at nine eleven you look in the civil war battles four of the top eight days of the most americans. Us citizens dying in the last two weeks. It's standard and it's it's ronald people that don't believe this is real or these measures are important. Are missing that big picture just talked about well you know on the other on the other side of the big picture. This has also been planned out Which is hard for people to even hear it. This whole thing is called depopulation. And i know that sounds radical that i have dug so deep on this if you look at gender twenty one which actually was signed on in nineteen ninety two by president bush taking over the us basically he was giving up giving up. Our control in the un has control. This is the political side. That i don't you know. No one wants to look at it unless you really dig deep and understand where this is coming from and when you have people that are sick around you you know i. I would like to see and this may be contra. Will you know some keep. it'll be controversial. Some it's it's called a being analytical. I would love to see the qualified. What the deaths really. Are you know the all these debts with. It's really caused by and and you know the meaning that there may be more deaths due to covid or or no i would i would. I mean is. I want to see what the what the actual is. What has been declared scientifically on the death certificate. What is what is really caused the death because there's heart attacks there's you know there's so many other things whether people have cancer or you know respiratory lung issues. I would love to see with that. Says you know everything thrown into covid but while cova covid much influenza if you're if you're compromise compromise and so it it speeds the death so you're right of the deaths that have occurred in marin in california across the country. There's a variety of things that they point to which actually caused the death. But it was excel rated Is what the belief is having the virus and so so you know nobody. There are very few people that are looking forward to dying or speeding their death and so anything like kobe or or the flu or many other common things that we get every year that hopefully with vaccinations and preventive measures. We can avoid but those used to be. The flu killed more people than almost anything else right. Well it's the same concept action right entity the truth. I have researched and looked at the scene. I won't get it. I mean. I've been tested. And i'm i'm i'm a healthy person

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