The First Of The Three Spirits


When scrooge awoke it was so dark that looking out of bed he could scarcely distinguish the transparent window from the opaque walls of his changing. He was endeavoring to pierce the darkness with his favorite. Is the chimes of a neighboring church struck for quarters so he listened for the our to great astonishment. The heavy bell went from six to seven from seven to eight and regularly up to twelve and stop twelve ms past two when he went to bed. The clock was wrong in high school must have gotten into the works twelve. He touches this spring of his repeater. Took correct. it's most preposterous clock. It's reputable pulse. B twelve stopped. Why it is impossible. Said screwed slept through a whole day. In far to another night it is it possible to anything has happened to the sun and this new the idea of being an alarming one he scrambled out of bed in groped his way to the window supplies to rub the frost off this. Leave of dressing down before you see anything very little. Then all i could make out was that was still very foggy in extremely cold and that there was no noise of people running to and fro making a great stir as their unquestionably would have been if he had beaten off break day and taking possession of the world. This was a great relief. Because three days after sight of this first of exchange pay tavern screwed or his order and so forth vic become a myriad united states security there were no days to count by scrooge went to again thought and thought and thought it over and over make nothing of it the more he thought the more perplexed he was the more he endeavoured. Not think the more thought barney's bothered him exceedingly every time he resolved within himself after mature inquiry that it was all a dream. His mind flew back again a strong spring. The least twits first position in presented. The same problem to be worked author. Who was it a dream or not screwed soleil in his in this state until the chimes had gone three quarters more remembered on a sudden goes had warned him a visitation when the bell tolled one result. Lie wait until the hour was passed and considering that he could no more go to sleep. Then go to heaven. This was perhaps the wisest resolution in his power. The quarter was so long that he was more than once convinced that he must have sunk into a does unconsciously and miss. The clock at length broke upon his listening year. Ding dong quarter pass through discounting ding-dong half its ding dong quarter to it said scrooge ding dong the ourself cisco triumphantly and nothing else.

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