Biden announces all-female White House communications team

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The newly minted. Staffers named to the white house office of digital strategy included number of longtime democratic operatives. Many of whom worked for biden's presidential campaign. The group will be asked not only to recreate the digital operation that helped defeat donald but to build out an operation that follows a president who wielded more social media power than any of his predecessors which is what he's done unfortunately so rob flaherty who worked as the digital director of the biden campaign. He's gonna assume. The role of director of digital strategy white house. Jaime lopez will work as director platforms and brandon cohen who previously served as the deputy director of editorial on the biden campaign. He's going to serve as a platform manager of the digital operation. So they're going to be joined by. Jonathan hebron as video director and chronic would as the creative director both of whom held similar roles on the biden campaign as he was running. Biden's digital team is expected to focus on many of the same tactics and help the former vice president's campaign working directly with digital content creators and influencers to expand the administration's reach this builds on work. That was done in the final years of the obama administration where the president would routinely appear on platforms outside the normal venues for the commander in chief. And i think we're learning through like amc and a lot of people that like tiktok and those streaming things are going to be a good way to reach the younger generation. So there's a host of other digital operatives that are going to fill out this office of digital strategy. We got visors designer livia raizner as traveling content director without rebecca rank vic and christian tom as the deputy directors of digital strategy and cameron trimble as the director of digital engagement. All worked on biden's campaign and biden said today after being briefed on foreign policy that he's facing considerable roadblocks to transition especially from trump allies in the pentagon and the office of management and budget. So i honestly. I don't think joe biden is going to be silent about these issues. He's clearly frustrated with the interference from outgoing loser. And i think he's gonna start beginning more vocal about it. Yeah this is kind of an interesting signal right. Because everyone's like oh he's gonna be for unity and he's just going to ignore all that stuff and be super kind but he was kind of pissed today in his public remarks. He's like yeah. I'm facing roadblocks in the middle of a deadly pandemic from the assholes at the pentagon

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