A highlight from Wildcard Weekend DFS (January 9 & 10)


Years bunch of podcasts. Even money podcast was posted yesterday. We had two best bets. Steve fezzet can i on the playoff games. Ross tucker football podcast is every day. We'll have greg cosell on tomorrow. Andrew brandt was excellent on the texans and the eagles and so many things over the last couple of days that he talked about. today's ross. Tucker football podcasts. Emory hunt on the college draft. Podcast broke down the top ten prospects for both teams for the national championship. Game monday night. Alabama ohio state. This is the fantasy piece podcast where we break it down. We are year round because fantasy. Football has become a year round thing if you really wanna be good at it joe. Dolan is our guy at f- underscore dolan on twitter. I follow him. You should follow him. He's a star at fantasy points dot com and joe. Were into the post now. we're in the playoffs. Six games nine people that love love love love to play the different options at draft kings. or wherever. but we're draftkings podcasts. Draft kings for especially wild card weekend and a division around and now we actually have six games. Yeah for the saturday or sunday. Slate for dfs overdraft fees. What would you recommend. What are all the options that draft kings has. The people can play well. Draftkings obviously is going to have different slates. They're going to have a saturday. Only slave sunday only slave. We're going to have showdown slates. They're going to have a full wild card round slate. You know i'm somebody who i'm more of a traditionalist. I guess you would say in terms of in terms of The play and i was against the playoff expansion. But even i'm going to admit it's going to be amazing esim for and for watching football this weekend with six games so draftkings gives you all those options. You can also play multiple different playoff contests. I love doing a call a one and done using. Lose them kind of league where you set a line up every round of the playoffs but you can only use a player. Want so for instance. If i were to use josh allen this week against i couldn't use him any of the next three weeks even advances to the super bowl. So you have to have some level of strategy there in terms of saving players and using guys like that so That's my favorite way to play. I'm also entering a contest. Where you take a to a set lineup like quarterbacks who running backs three wide receivers you take one player from every playoff team and it's really strategic because you have to be like all right. Oh obviously i'm gonna use patrick mahomes the chiefs to the super bowl favorites okay but if you use patrick mahomes. You don't get to use tyreek hill. You don't get to use. Travis kelsey so you really have to like say where. Where is my biggest advantage for these guys. Where am i going to take for instance. I think tennessee is gonna lose in the first round up. You think tennessee is gonna lose in the first round. Do i use derrick henry and get just one game out of him or do i go with a running back who has less upside but might play three games.

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