Coronavirus Field Hospital Opens In Lowell, NW Of Boston


To the future in the Merrimack Valley, and it comes under dire circumstances. And a warning from health officials. WBC's match here tells us Ah Field hospital is about to get busy again there. No college athletes jogging around the rec center at U Mass. Lowell, just a team of medical professionals, making sure every bet on the parquet is ready to go working collaboratively. We were able to erect a field hospital in matter of days of the Audi is the VP of hospitality for Circle health. But right now, his primary focus is here. The state's second covert field hospital. The staff is trying to make the patient experiences comfortable as I can be with plenty of room to walk around. You're in a covert environment here, so social distancing isn't something that you have to worry about. This comes during a week where public health officials fear a post holiday surge. But despite their concerns, Dudley says morale is improving. His frontline workers are finally getting vaccinated. I haven't seen in a long time. Big smiles on their face music playing and just sense of optimism that Shearer wbz, Boston's news radio

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