Winter storm in Texas leaves millions without power


Of the power grid in much of the state of Texas left millions of Texans in the cold last night at one point more than two million households around the say without electricity due to those rotating power outages. Dan would Finn with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas says they know why is causing it. Primary driver of that is that we have almost 34,000 megawatts of generation that's been forced off the system. Either prior to the event or or during all these trips that had gone on. Burger wants utilities to continue to lure the demand through rotating outages. Those controlled allergy is expected to continue all day today and last check more than 300,000 San Antonio area residents were without power is CPS Energy says Customers may be without power for hours in some cases, and some may not have power restored for another 24 hours before things start returning to normal, President Paula Cole, Williams says, You can continue to expect the rolling blackouts. But in general this rotation Is going to continue to happen. We prefer to keep trying to get the system we stabilized. She's in San Antonio and contribute to the Texas re stabilization. She miss it. They did not expect the severity of this storm Gold. William says that while they're working around the clock to get everyone on the same power level as quickly as possible, it's going to take awhile.

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