Hideo Kojima's Book 'The Creative Gene' Coming West Soon


Books. I will read. We're going to start with the fact that they okajima book is coming west. We're starting with. Michael mcwhirter over at polygon. Who writes game designer. Hideo kojima book the gifted. Jean and my lovable means originally published in japanese. In two thousand nineteen is getting an english language. Translation publisher viz media will release the translated book this october. Under the fittingly lengthy name the creative dream. The creative leave. Of course it is the creative gene. How books movies and music inspired the creator of stranding and metal gear solid the creative. The creative gene will consist of a collection of essays written by kajima then explore his personal. Inspirations that includes opinions and reviews of music films and books beloved by jima. The book will also include a conversation. Between kajima and musician. Slash actor gen hoshino. Who song pop. Virus appears in-depth stranding. Here's official synopsis of the book. Ever since he was a child metal gear solid in-depth strand creator. Hideo okajima was a voracious consumer of movies music. In books they ignited his passion for stories and storytelling and the results can be seen his groundbreaking iconic video games now. The head of independent studio could productions kajima enthusiasm for entertainment. Media has never waned this collection of essays explores some of the inspirations behind one of the titans of the video game industry in offers an exclusive insight into one of the brightest minds in pop culture the creative gene how books movies and music inspired the creator of detonating metal gear. Solid will be released october. Twelve twenty twenty one julie. I cannot wait. Well i do. Let's just be thankful that it's not a book of the same topic but like by the houses because it'd be the size of the encyclopedia britannica. Sure sure your older music. Music playlists printed on paper. I think i mean. I think it's great. You gotta think within the games industry. They're all kind of few kind of figureheads and people. You kind of all kind of you know seeing all Alters within the industry who you know whether you like could you must offer you don't or You know it's he has. He always has a very very distinct vision. And i think there's something so alluring. Sorry yup could be endless arms by the way. Just say this. Something really alluring about someone. Who's greedy sure of themselves and like autistic vision for good awful bad right But also i think you. I mean i i know i am. I think people are naturally drawn drawn to like someone who is like that just because you're like they have such a clear idea of like life in everything and anytime you can kind of scratch below that surface and understand a little bit more about how how they build their vision and how they also certain of kind of like what they do. I think it's really. It's really exciting. You want to know more. It's like you like david lynch on my god. I want to read this. The man's possibly mad but brilliant about why he's like that you know it's great you to scratch below that surface one hundred percent freezing amoco jima superfan right and i'm lucky enough to know him obviously in call him a friend but in terms of the content like medal. Change my life in. So i've obviously had conversations with him about his games but when i see it on instagram or i see it on twitter when he goes and sees a movie and gives like the two hundred eighty characters. He can give it. I'm way more interested in music in books that have inspired him in. What is a long essay about that mean. And what did he take away from it. I think also it's just it's it's his perspective right. It's his is. it's the way he looks at the universe right thing. It's like this these weird glasses that he he he because he's about him puts on and suddenly everything. I dunno like that and interview with the vampire where they wake up and everything seen with vampire is and you're like cool man. I wanna see what vampire is it like. I want to see what hideo kojima is. Look like just to to be able to kind of look over the world and everything seldom takes a completely different meaning ref. You know to me. That's how i one hundred percent imagine that's way he's had his like you know And there aren't many people you can say that about old people that you would actually really wanna see the world through their is particularly probably dreary for most other people. I sure yeah to have a creator on that scale that's open. Who has that legacy behind him. Right to know yeah what he does take away from consuming different content right. If we always talk about it in terms of use somebody else's podcast or you know you wash youtube video you see somebody else present and you pick up and you're able to critique on a different level than somebody who's just a consumer of it not a producer of it so yeah for him to be creative what is he seen also stuff. I think that's really interesting.

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