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Good morning everyone. Welcome to the new media show. My name is todd cochran chris. I'm joined by my co host. Mr rob really morning robert. I guess it's afternoon how you doing. Well doing fantastic todd. It's great to be back on the show doing it. I'm excited so a little bird primarily. You told me today is special. They well i guess we all have a special day once a year. Don't wait that's right so you made another trip around the sun right and that the real question is. Are you gonna get a birthday spanking so. Oh yes spanking Sure that's going to have hot. Not we'll see how many. How many spanks is it this time fifty six fifty seven fifty eight anyway. It's a number in that range. We've got some good stories about when i was in navy. When people had their birthday it would be considered hazing today. So yo no kidding. Yes but chilly. I'm i'm past that phase of my life why everyone welcome to the show and I got my two furry is running around years. So we'll see if they come in upset the apple cart right but Anyway so it seems like it. Wednesday now at saturday. Where did that time go and we are there. We are that da and no. No real controversies. At least that. At least it i saw of their showed a few. Oh you did sure with you. Oh that's interesting hey. I don't know if their controversies i mean. I mean it doesn't like that. That's our goal with. the shows. Controversies necessarily but we do like to raise the leading edge as they say it's right of things that are going on right. do wanna make one one comment. I was given access. And i really cannot say anything about it per se yet but national geographic amy a preview of their upcoming series on the new air force one. Oh so that's a new new airplane. He had that day. They're building a seven forty seven and They're talking about everything with that. I just. I can't say anything more. Except that i got to see the preview. I'll be able to talk about it publicly. I think around valentine's day something like that but everyone this is a fan can be a fantastic series. It really really is. And that's just. I'll leave at that at this point because otherwise a break the as but does have its own podcast. Listening catalogue built on on the plane or something like that. Is that the no just. Maybe i don't know so. Are we have to set a new destination or whatever to submit podcasts. to air force one would be cool. I'm sure that would be a notable seeing that there's a bunch of air force podcast and stuff like that might be Quite yeah in-flight entertainment. Es to probably to the it make sure it's only piped into the press area so that they can only listen to mainstream media. It could can listen to with yourself. That's right so did rob. Did you get involved at all with any of this crazy trading. That's been going on that short squeeze or anything like that. You make any money on that. Oh no i didn't get on a little strength. i. I'm pretty locked into my portfolio. I have my own. my own. portfolio strategy that really didn't stray into the realm of investing in brick and mortar. So it's it dominated it's only news. I've actually watched on tv. was i for. I've been watching. Cnbc for the last three or four days. Just watching the drama. Nothing about crow crowdsourcing powers the people screwing the rich guy as as you can. I just wonder. And i think maybe a lot of people are asking it. Has this been going on for a long time in a lot of other sectors. And we just have a known about it. They hedge guys have been screwing his for years so oh well on well. Yeah but i mean. Let's this quickly. Mentioned what is typically hedge fund. A hedge fund is usually. What a retirement money right. Yeah mostly mostly. When it gets there is a lottery time and money. So these guys you know. They have big firms multi billions of dollars and they bet well not album against. They bent four some stocks to and they buy up companies. But who's gotten her ears. Those that were doing shorts shorts. I'm not a big fan of shorts anyway. I think it's a it's it's a negative way of looking at markets. I think i've only shorted a couple of stock before and one of them was lips in so nice. Little dig i. I held a little bit nicer. Shorted some to is so you know. It was back in the spencer days when he was oil and he was doing funny business. Shorten it now right know. I don't think there's too many others. That are shorting either right now but anyway. It's it's definitely an interesting time. And it seems like every aspect of our culture and our society and our economic system is being challenged right now. isn't it. well. It's you know. I think i think Even media if you look at a reddit channel when a reddit channel and just saying hey. I think you should buy. The stock will destroys a company. Right well i mean. I thought it was fascinating. I think that the aspect of this that was fascinating to me is at amc. The big ryan movie chain was able to pay off their long-term debt. I try this six hundred million dollars. The able to fund out of the increase in the stock price is right and they did some conversions at a very low price. Eight wrote this stock cost them. They held stock. That was ten dollars or whatever it was and went four five hundred so they do. They start selling more stock and they just voted. They got all that cash raw cash. Who came out of the short seller's right beautiful so you think about that as a Right so this is a interesting paradigm of and not to mention all the all the average retail traders said really cleaned up. Will i may have saved the the movie going business to. Amc was talking about folded up shop before they had gotten nine

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