Can Australia and China learn to get along?

Between The Lines


Tensions with china. Australia's tried stash with. China has escalated sharply with savage new tariff. Sit hit our wine industry hard from tomorrow. All australian wine will be hit with a one hundred to two hundred per cent hike. A move gross. I will devastate the industry. There was an abc news account of china hitting our wine sector of course assign deterioration of sino australian relations in the past. Gee indeed relationship between our nations have not been so dismal in more than half a century that is since before them opened ties with communist china. Mainland we give expression to new international album. No nation is on you. Aspirations symbolize law china upon our region. That was then prime minister. Gough whitlam ushering in a new era of cooperation between beijing and camber that was in nineteen seventy three. However in the past year in response to cambridge calls for an inquiry into the origins of covid nineteen. The chinese government has launched an unprecedented economic retaliation against our export industries. We mentioned one. Is bali. Beef lamb cotton lobster timber call and so on. Now you might ask not unreasonably. Why can't cambridge just restore relations with china indeed. How often have you heard the critics. Say if only camera toned down its rhetoric. Restored a dialogue rebuild trust with beijing. If the government did all these things did more to accommodate china all would be well instead where told cambra native sleep provokes trade partner by implementing foreign interference laws rejecting the wildlife. Fog j. network beat and calling for an inquiry into the origins of the crown of ours. Now that's what the critics site and you've heard many of them on this show in recent years. The hugh watt the jeff rabies. The stephen fitzgerald's the linda jakobsen's the giants lawrenson and some of them. however kanchana really rise peacefully. And is it really fair to say that when there's trouble it's invariably the fault of either washington's hawkish policies or a net australian diplomacy. How do you deal with our largest trade partner that is converting its economic might into strategic and military clout. Well we have a terrific panel is political editor of the sydney morning herald paid. His forthcoming book is called red zone. China's challenge australia's future as published by lacking books. Get i paid. I welcome back to national tomo. As a pleasure and she'll mahbubani is a distinguished fellow at the national university of singapore's asia research institute keisha. Most recent book is called. Has china won. The chinese challenge to american promessi k. Show it's also a pleasure to welcome you back to between the lines especially it'd be backed up now. Many australians as you will know are understandably anxious about what they see. Is china's discrimination against australia. What do you think is targeting. Us and abbey's measures against our exports justified in your judgment. Let me try tom to be very frank and help flow by giving you. What's that regional exception of australia. In the larger context the world has changed. We have gone from the euro than domination of world history to us. The ancient century and australia is very lucky that it is situated in the heart of issues now but australia still behaves culturally a western society in an asian dominated environment. And just to give you one simple example but you walk into an asian home. Most times you take off your shoes. That's asian culture. This not western culture the take off your shoes now with decide their fall to live and work in sight and asian home. Do you want to try and understand the issue norms or do you want to work. Only with western nas. That's the fundamental question that australia faces. Well you have risen case your that as westin palace slowly but steadily received from asia australia could be lifted stranded together with new zealand as the sole western entities in asia and paid a casual guys on following on from what he just said that quote as western power recedes. Globally australia's predominantly western population could feel very isolated and lonely. Niger asia paid a hatchet. How would you respond to katia model. Bonnie depends on how you define whist and tom If western society western values includes retaining liberties if it allows us to have free speech freedom of association freedom to choose our governments and reject them. Then i think straightens would happily subscribe to the definition of wisden

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