As Broad NCAA Change Awaits, College Football Is Facing a Recruiting Reckoning


Is national signing day. Better college football reporter out there than our next gas. Ross dellinger from sports illustrated. He has written today about the ever. Slow changes of college football especially under the heading is brought into change a wage college. Football is facing a recruiting reckoning ross. Great to have you on and it seemed like a normal day nick. Sabin got all the siamese and everybody else was left to watch but Before we get to your piece just your reaction on a fairly quiet national signing day. Yeah it is. I think we're probably going to see more of this as we as we go through the year too it's just it's signing day is going to be quieter in quieter In already worst pretty quiet because the december national signing period but now you throw all of the transfer portal stuff With coaches holding spots for transfers and in the bigger news has been has been transfers. You know so not only did the early national signing day in december Kind of cake Take the spotlight away from the old school signing day but now you have transfers doing the same think at last check do we have. We have a number on how many tennessee players are in the portal. Well the number. Last week when i did compilation for that story you mentioned was nineteen And i figured there'd be tops in the nation but they are not They're number two Western kentucky has twenty one players in the portal freight a freight ask. What's going on there. But i'll look into it after you're off the air. Let's talk about your piece today. And and every time we talk to you you you you. You have your handle on on where college athletics is. And where is it going so look ahead as you report have reported on this subject and and what is likely to change in the future right. It's to put it simply politics. It's a mess It really is a messy situation right now when it comes to roster or management's It all starts because of the the influx of transfers. You know when when there were reports were out there that the ncaa was gonna pass the one time. Transfer exception and allow allow players to transfer without that one year sitting out penalty. Obviously players jumped in the transfer portal and their or at least by my count around thousand scholarship players. Transfer portal and about fifty percent of those Do not have a home right now. There could be hundreds more joining the spring and the summer when the dog officially pass it and they will pass it by april Shane lyons The d. one Oversight football oversight chair tells me they will pass it by april so you'll you'll have a bigger influx. What happens there when you get more transfers out there. They had fewer and fewer homes to go to You you've got transferred from the power. Five paul dropping down to the group of five or the fcs. 'cause there's not any room and then there's some transfers and the poodle that won't play football again. I mean that's been documented In fact i wrote about in lsu player who two years ago with no transfer portal in. Never play football again. Because there wasn't a spot for them so and wives and their spot because as you mentioned scholarship limitations. The ncaa has the schools can carry eighty five scholarship. Players can sign twenty five new players a year only can't get go above that twenty five and because of the influx of transfers there's talk of increasing or just in some way that twenty five man spot because what a transfer does all there's so many of them What happens is if you if you get a transfer day. When they leave that school they. They're in a way penalizing that school. That's an open scholarship. That school cannot fill In an adjoining their new school. And they're taking up a to precious twenty-five chinese you know initial counters. They call them. So there's a lot of issues for sure going on

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