Country Before Party


Okay so like i said we have congressman castro's in d. c. The reason why. I wanted to bring him on it actually. I wanted to talk to him at the start of the joe biden transition and then the capital attack happen and then i found out during this whole impeachment proceeding that. He was one of the nine impeachment. Manager's name by speaker of the house. Nancy pelosi and i said i gotta talk to representative castro who represents the twentieth congressional district in texas and on wednesday before talked to him. He was on the floor of the house during the second impeachment. Vote and this is what he said. Donald trump is the most dangerous man to ever occupy the oval office. I wanna take you back one week ago. Today when people were barging through these doors breaking the windows with weapons armed pipebombs coming here to harm all of you to harm the speaker to harm the senate. Let me ask you a question. What do you think they would have done if they had gotten in. What do you think they would have done to you. And who you think sent them here. The most dangerous man to ever occupy the oval office if inciting a deadly insurrection is not enough to get a president impeached. Then what is all of us. Must answer that question today. The constitution requires us to impeach and remove. Donald john trump. So here is the conversation that i had on wednesday evening literally about fifteen minutes after the house of representatives voted to impeach donald trump for the second time congressman castro was in his office in dc. And i was in my latino rebels studio in an undisclosed location. So here's the conversation. First of all thank you so much for saying yes to this. I'm honored that you said. I'm talking to julio before anybody so that means a lot all right so here. We go representative castro. Were talking literally right after the vote to impeach. Donald trump for the second time happened before we get into the events of this wednesday. Can you talk to me about the events of last wednesday and what. It really meant being there. Because i honestly feel congressman. That people are starting to forget what's happening and it's only been a week. Can you tell me what went on. Since the election for weeks months actually donald trump had been saying that he won the election and that it was stolen from him and that he wanted landslide and finally asked his supporters to come to washington on january six and the president held a rally and he repeated those claims about this idea that he was denied a second term in the presidency. And of course these are supporters who were die hard supporters of donald trump. So the idea to them that the guy that they trust is saying these democrats the election from me that incited them to march to the capital and for some of them to become violent and engage in an insurrection. Attempted coup at the united states capitol takeover the senate floor and try to make their way into the house chamber and so it was very scary and intense period. I was in my office in the rayburn building and There were in the halls in the tunnels police officers. Who were frantic. Who were asking everybody to lockdown and shelter in place because the security has been breached by that point and it turns out but it was actually even worse than we imagine. People were armed. Some of them had arms. Five people lost their lives that day. It so this will go down as an ugly tragic and sad moment in american democracy in american history.

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