Trump pardons political allies convicted of Federal crimes.


Baghdad on tuesday nights trump also posted a deranged thirteen minute video to facebook and twitter making his full case for subverting the election and claiming it is his duty to ensure the election was fair insisting he won by a landslide and presenting c. t. v. that he claims was evidence to prove his victory in reality. All of his claims have been debunked including by the supreme court on two occasions. Critics expressed concern for trump's deteriorating mental health and his inability to accept his election loss one. It's not unusual for presidents to grant clemency on their way out the door trump also commuted the sentences of five others on tuesday. Trump has made clear that he has no qualms about intervening in the cases of friends and allies whom he believes have been unfairly treated even those who have pleaded guilty to their crimes the pardons included former republican. Representative duncan hunter of california and chris collins of new york trump also commuted. The sentence of former representative steve stockman of texas and pardon. The current state representative phil lyman of utah. Who led an atv. Protest through restrictive native. Land's call ins the first member of congress to endorsed trump to be president was sentenced to two years and two months in federal prison after admitting he helped he son and others dodge eight hundred thousand dollars in stock market losses when he learned that a drug trial by a small pharmaceutical company had failed onto was sentenced to eleven months in prison after pleading guilty to stealing campaign funds and spending the money on everything from outings with friends to his daughter's birthday party in the group announced tuesday nights with four form. A government contract is convicted in two thousand seven massacre in baghdad. That left more than a dozen iraqi civilians dead and caused an international uproar over the use of private security guards in a war zone. The pardons reflected trump's apparent willingness to give the benefit of doubt to american service and contract is when it comes to acts of violence in war zones against civilians trump also announced pardons for allies in sned in the russia investigation. One was for george papadopoulos. He's two thousand sixteen campaign advisor whose conversation unwittingly helped trigger the russia investigation that shadowed trump's presidency for nearly two years. He also pardoned alexander's swan. A dutch loya. Who was sentenced to thirty days in prison for lying to investigators during special counsel robert mueller's investigation president-elect joe biden on tuesday assailed the trump administration for failing to fortify the nation's cyber defences and called on president donald trump to publicly identify the perpetrator of a massive breach of us government agencies. A hack some of trump's top allies have blamed on russia france relaxed its corona virus related ban on trucks from britain on tuesday after a two day standoff that had stranded through of drivers and raised fears of christmas time food shortages in the

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