Julia Gillard on the year that was 2020


Hello listeners will here. We are at the end of twenty twenty. Finally this is year any of us wanted. And if you feel as though you're limping through to the end of it you're not align wave face challenges individually and collectively as a result of covid nineteen. It's been a big adjustment for all of us to navigate life in this you way. I now familiar. Normally spain. the traveling the world for the different roles zion to take for organizations like the global institute for women's leadership and the global partnership for education. This year. I've been very much at home in adelaide. I've missed face to face. Contact the new places in the energy ideas and excitement that generated in a room full of people but there have been some upsides to not traveling. My bay my life. And i've been to sing more of my family including baby here for the start of my new great nieces life. Baby gwen joined us july. I've come to both the lies and love digital platforms and new ways of communicating and fortunately with global commitments paying online in the middle of the night has been far too common experience this year. Podcast of oncein reflected the new normal chilly while i haven't been to travel my conversations of still traverse the globe back from the safety of my home. Many of my guests reflect on the pandemics impact on gender inequality we have discussed women. The workforce and how we structure working lives leadership. And what. We want a nate from our world. Latest now they seems to be a race thinking of the traditional styles of leadership and a focus on the need to incorporate other traits like kindness empathy and compassion as we approach the end of twenty twenty. I've gone back through the many episodes we've released the and picked up some of my favorite discussions for you to enjoy someone. I've always admired. Is sally mcmanus of non sally. For many years three professional life an always fantas style of ladyship refreshing now is head of the australian council of trade unions. Sally is leading the conversation about the impact of the pandemic on the economy and working life unlike earlier disruptions often major adjustments in the economy iran manufacturing affecting time mile jobs covid nineteen disproportionately bang about women's work. We saying the impact on part-time casual work the hospitality travel and tourism industries. Sickness where the workforce tends to be a feminist one. It's become clear we need more secure jobs and less sick maintained light before the new ways of working we a pioneering now could and should stay with us and give us more flexible and gender responsive workplaces. My conversation with sally took place before curving really made an impact. So we didn't discuss these issues but i conversation went in directions. I hadn't experienced before in podcasting and really experienced in conversations with other women seven said she done things she was white for it. good at. It's so unusual to hear a woman. Say good things issues telling me a bad childhood soccer dreams. Well this is why back in the dice obese. Would've been in the early eighties. And i was really good at soccer. And i had two younger brothers so sort of used to roughing it with my brothers and always the name to stronger than them to until i hit puberty and that was something i was happy about but anyway i was. I used to play soccer at lunchtime with the boys. The boys doing so. I used to play soccer after school and the coach would just let me join in and always the best in the team and really really wanted to play because it go to the way candid that be the match on and i couldn't fly because ridiculous rules saying that goes couldn't play in the boys teams. They ended up taking it to through the hierarchy of the soccer club and they had a meeting in that. Assad no goes cop. Line the team and for me as a ten year old it just same so ridiculous but so deeply unfair like this is something that i love but not only did i love. I was better than all the like. Why couldn't i use that skill at a my simple child mind back then. I thought well it's just because i'm not a boy. Well that's it so. I bought my brother's school uniform and i went to school the next day and are lined up in the boys line and i said i'm no longest sally shine and that's it. I thought that that would as a successful way of getting into the soccer team. Now did that word. Disaster a total disaster. That school didn't react well. My parents certainly did not react. Well i think thought it was probably more than it was. It was just simply may wanting to play soccer. I'm sure schools would deal with this much better these days but they did not deal with it. Well so i remember the next time on the sent me to school with the clip. Some buzzy my hair which julie ripped off the minute. I got around the corner but unfortunately it didn't make it into the soccer team

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