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Whitney. Welcome to the show andy. I am delighted to be here. I'm excited to to talk to you. Because i liked your book a lot. So you know some and we didn't write for sales audience per se but as a lot of very sales specific stuff in there. I thought at least maybe the lens. I read it so i can't wait to chat with you about it but one thing i wanted to ask sign. Hopefully you're well. Were recording this in the midst of the the lockdown sidano omit the formalities. But we are well for asking. I mean it's one of those questions that it used to be just a nice city but it's now a real question is a real question right. What's good and you're joining us from where we live in lexington virginia so my my husband is a professor at southern virginia university which is also near virginia military institute and washington and lee. So we're about three hours driving south west of washington dc. So is that out neuronal them. Yes yes that's our closest airport is about fifty miles away. Wow okay so having lived in big cities or served doing a little more not so rural but smaller city living. It's definitely rural. We completely disrupted ourselves. I mean why give you look outside of our window in the morning we can see deer and there are cows next door to us in fact when we very first moved here. Because we've lived in boston in manhattan in large cities when we first moved here. I remember waking up one morning. And i like hitting hitting but like you know pulling my honey honey. Turn off your phone. Because it was buzzing buzzing any turnover. And he's like those. Are the cows unbend an adjustment for us. I find one. I'm away from manhattan anywhere. I go but like my visit. My sister in wisconsin. And both my wife and i get woken up by the quiet. It's like it's too quiet and it's like wait. Why are we going every week. And you're accustomed to having the noise outside all the time that are. Do you know at some level that that it's too quiet attack keeps me up. I love that looking at by the quiet. So i was gonna ask you. Are you follow soccer fan. Because you wrote that you are going to produce a reality. Tv show about sauerland america and listeners. To show that. I'm a avid soccer fan. Oh i wish. I could say that i am. I got really excited. So this This is actually almost fifteen years ago. Now where i. I was a huge american idol. Fan in a huge. So you think you can dance fan. And and i was doing a lot of work in latin america was equity analyst. And so you know. I've been to mexico fifty times to spend a lot of my doing work a lot. American one of our companies that we followed on as equity analyst was televisa which time was basically abc cbs nbc and fox combined and again this is fifteen years ago and so we thought wait. We have an opportunity here to basically do you know. Soccer meets american idol and just got so excited about the stories of that could have produced on so while. I'm not a soccer fan per se. I am a cinderella story fan and i just thought that that could have been an amazing august show to have produced. I wanna watch for sure. So the regular listeners. Get accustomed going off on soccer stuff here. Tangents everything relates to soccer. Soccer explains the world. There was a book that wrote that. So about that so I think i read that book. Actually it was a good book. Yeah yeah so Pet the author on the show. So so we're talking about transformation personal transformation you. I've really enjoyed your book. Which you've just updated and re released disrupt yourself masterless change and speed up your learning curve. So what was the original impetus. Write the book you know. That's one of those questions that its you can answer many different ways on. But let me see. If i can streamline so that we're not here all day on you know as i just mentioned i was equity analyst. Were keep merrill lynch In a focusing on stocks in latin america like televisa so like america melville and this is back in two thousand three two thousand four. I read the book. The innovators dilemma by christian at harvard. Business school and i remember reading that book and it just was in many a transformative experience. If you will. Because i was looking at wireless at the time in every single quarter america. Mobile was beating my numbers like just every time and and telmex numbers weren't so that was the wireline company. In american mobile was the wireless i read. I read innovators dilemma. I said oh. That's what's going on. Is that wireless is disrupting wireline. And i was just fascinated. That there was a s- theory that could explain to me the world and help me understand what was happening And the more. I read that book it more i started. I think maybe just because of my own personal bent started thinking. Well how does this apply to me. Like i understand. It's explained products and services in companies in countries. But i also remember having this moment in just two thousand four. And i had just had this conversation with Someone in management saying you know what really liked to try something else. I'd like to do something else attorney. I'd like to go into management kind of laughed at me. Kind of snickered. Like ov- outs nice. That's never going to happen. And i remember coming back to that book and being you know what if i wanna do whatever it is. I think i'm meant to do which i had a very vague notion. I think many of us do I'm going to have to disrupt myself. I'm gonna have to leave wall street and go do something else.

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