A highlight from So Long, 2020 - A Retrospective Conversation


While of knowledge is local area sports in cincinnati dayton ohio but feel free to ask some questions for the podcast episode two hundred just a few episodes away. I was really hoping i was going to be able to do it before. Twenty twenty ended but it turned out now. That wasn't the case. But that's okay because we got up so one ninety seven and we're talking about twenty twenty. What are your that was twenty twenty. I mean i don't really have to say much about the coronavirus 'cause everyone's living it. And now there's this new batch that's affecting england really bad and apparently from what my fiance said. She mentioned that. There's someone in colorado. That has the strand. That's really crippling. Uk really bad and he didn't travel so so definitely for twenty twenty one. I hope that the corona virus is taking care of and we can get back to a level of Normalacy a level of normal that we enjoyed before march twenty twenty when everything started to shutdown but twenty twenty wasn't all bad. I know that phrase came out of my mouth. And i actually mean it and we'll talk a little bit about that later but first it's time to talk about the columbus crew. The columbus crew won the twenty fifth. Mls cup by shutting out the seattle sounders three nil and this happened a couple of weeks ago. But it's time to finally talk about it and mentioned how important it is not only to columbus ohio and the crew faithful but spent twenty twenty again level of Normalacy thrown out the window with this corona virus and from march onwards. We didn't really have sports. We didn't have a march madness. We did have a minor league baseball season. We had an abbreviated. Mlb season or the reds actually made the playoffs for first time in a few years and now they seem to be getting rid of a lot of components that made them playoff contenders which We'll talk about that a little bit later but yeah i mean. We didn't really have sports. I mean we had the nba bubble during the course of the summer and that was really cool and the los angeles lakers of course winning the emmy championship. We're having an nfl season. Which few changes here and there but largely it's going on you know i won't say without a hitch because that's not true yeah we're trying to get back to you know a sense of normal and this. Mos cup crew win their second ever. So there's two stars above the logo in case you don't follow soccer and you wonder what the stars main normally a star represents a championship one. And of course the crew widen their first one back. When i was in college in two thousand eight believes the new york red bulls they were facing and now they went against seattle sounders. Seattle has been in the mls cup final. For what was it for the last six seasons or did they win for the last six. Yeah they're they're great team. They are well ran. Well coached and it's just a great squad to watch. In seattle and columbus caleb porter. His second year as manager in his plan was to you know start building for championship for year. Three in their way ahead of schedule. So yeah about that. Anthony precourt you. Glad you didn't move the crew to austin now. Oh man how big of a slap is it a slap in the face when the team you wanted to move to austin because there were colobus cares about the crew. ooh ooh Stadiums are dumped. Oh austin will support soccer. That third point might be true. I'm not saying it won't be what i'm saying is i felt like precourt. Didn't really try and you know it it. one seat took over the ownership of columbus. It looked like you know things were going to be turning for the better but it just got kind of worse after the new logo and just you know when the crew or on fox sports ohio and moved to time warner cable sports network nothing against now spectrum sports nothing against that channel. But if you have that cable package grape or you have a time warner cable spectrum. Nowadays it's great you get it if you don't which what was the percentage about thirty six percent of people had it around columbus. If you don't have it then You can't watch the group you can always listen to it but you know people wanna watch it rather and i get that so yeah how big of a slap in the face is anthony precourt. They wanted to move a team that the has limb saved and dr peter boards and they went a championship and their second year under the new regime. Under caleb porter

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