The Devil Wears Sweatpants? Working at Vogue with Elise Taylor



Whether we're talking about business wellness travel or relationships. I've always thought age is just a number. Welcome to ageless with me cynthia rowley. My daughter kicked keen. Let's just jump right in. where did you grow up. And when and how did you get started up folk. Wow back that is that is far back so i actually grew up in connecticut right outside of new york city and how i even got interested in writing which i think is hilarious is that i have an older sister. Who's very enterprising. And she decided that she wanted to start her own newspaper. I don't know what inspired my dear sister britches start her own newspaper. There was only distributed to our family members that are five Family newspaper And so i. She asked my older brother. He wanted to be main writer of newspaper. And he's at now. So i was only option burst the of us and so she asked me to be the star reported for newspaper. So i would report on very serious topics like whether or not my family should get a dog. And how did that work out works. It works the very convincing in. We didn't actually get a beagle a few months later One or not. They should have cuts for sports teams of this was because i was upset that i made the b. team for soccer in the eighteen. You started right where. I kind of realized the power of words that they have and then when i got to high school and i got older you know. I kind of realized. Oh this is actually really. What interests me like academically while joined my high school paper and i became senior editor of that and then when i got to college the first san campus there was like a club fare in the first thing i did was sign up for my college. Use i went. I went to boston college in it was. It was very lucky for me that they actually have one of the top newspapers in the country. Which i didn't even know kind of at the time but it was really just kind of a master craftsman junior journalism. Because you reporting on things are going on in your canvas which were very real and very serious. But also in the city of boston at large. So i was basically doing low level meshal reporting As a eighteen nineteen year old covered. Some pretty pretty serious stuff. I coverlet missing persons. No hemp is. I covered crying because there was break ins. You know i was talking to police officers. I was talking to senior officials on my campus. There isn't crazy crazy. Things that happened when i was at school that i got to cover and not so. I learned basically how to be a journalist. And how'd you like even just a basic article. How did you interview how to break a story. How even get sources things like that. And that's right. I realized oh this is how you talked to someone off the record. This is how you get on background information. I had to learn. All that is really really young can So we just thinking. Had you write the questions. And then i just ask the questions that you right and that would have been much better. I don't think so. I think would probably remarkably hard to do a good interview on yourself right. Maybe that would be easier. I don't know now. I think i wanted to great things about interviewing is that you can listen and you can respond and you can notice things about people that those people may not notice until you can ask on that. Because when you're interviewing someone you know you're not supposed to portray how day think they are. You're supposed to how like how they actually are to the world. So it's i don't think. I think it would be a bad injury for my south of this part of the question. I was going to ask you a little bit later. But we could dive right into it because i think that they're i think storytelling is so important in our culture right now and way to Sort of Express that how an individual experience and how you are as an individual and You know me mine.

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