Police Searching For Armed, Unmasked Man Who Stole Chicken From Roscoe’s In Pasadena, Los Angeles


In New Jersey. There's room for you as well. And, yes, police searching for armed, unmasked man. It was bound to happen. We were going to see this headline eventually. Well, in this case, a mask list man walked into Roscoe's house of Chicken and waffles in Pasadena. That's right. That was yesterday evening. In fact, when employees said the trouble began, the man was seen in security footage wearing a dark blue shirt. He was first asked by the cashier to put on a face covering as required by local health orders, he said. Why don't you come over here and tell me to my face? And he told them again. Just put a mask on this timer was the cook Robert Gonzales, who said it Well, that's when the guy got mad and pulled out a gun. Then went back toward the kitchen. We're gonna solve this was cooking. The man pointed the gun directly at him and demanded that Gonzalez put all of the chicken into the bag. When asked for clarification about whether the armed men meant money or food, Gonzales said. They ain't got no money in the kitchen. I'm on food. Well, there was plenty of chicken, but there was no bag. So the man grabbed a couple of take out orders that had already been prepared while the employees ran out of the back of the building, So I understand our chicken is good, but I mean, that's some expensive chicken. He's got there. It was just pretty stupid and crazy at the same time. None of the employees were harmed. The suspect is described as being in his mid thirties, roughly 6 ft. One tall with a thin mill build. He fled the scene and dark colored four nor sedan and no mask. So it was gonna happen is gonna be the massless

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