A highlight from #430: Rollin' Thru


My friends has ended the week hopi doing good. Let's get this thing on. Youtube may show much like subscribe. Tony notification bell. Leave your common down below if to have a five star review download and share. Stick it up your arsehole and shove it where. The sun don't shine much appreciate as well and things inbetween support patriots with more than welcome as well patriot. Dot com for just augustino exclusive bonus exclusives exclusive bonus shows on patriot from a paid subscribers. Only agostino zinger show access available via patron agostino. My patriot subscribe at whole type. Content is coming at you very soon. We're going to livestreams. Channel with the mix is right. Dj mixes stacked of recorded are going to get out so if you tuned in you're gonna get locked in if you're in you're gonna get tuned in. We'll playing around any woman look down but we'll playing around anymore. Fed up fed up a plane around marin fed up these taking me for fool. Because i'm not one might be dumb enough food and you back hope you were. You're good wherever you may be a pleasure of your company right now. I'm so happy and so grateful that you're here with me anyway. So how's it been going good as you can tell me. Been going. Pretty well stocked. Full of bill coffee. I've got one bottle of tesco value. Walter my belly which is about to lease batum pre proud myself. I'm trying to drink at least one of these a day. Right what are these. They keep the pounds away but not really and about it really. Well speaking out today i i think i really wanna gyms are back open man. I've spoken about ad nauseam on here. But i really. That's the one thing that i'm dying for. I think you know i'm a. I'm a nightlife fiend. As most of you guys are aware. But i could probably do ev- out the club's until they've come back to come back but the gym man allow me some avenue. Some real i can kind of take out. Some of my male pent-up energy and aggression out on bobble bell right in a nondescript Cancelled jim somewhere surrounded by eastern europeans and various other people from other countries. That you have no idea where are on the world map. I would much rather preferred it and you know this. There's something about doing pushups copies that there's really doesn't really bang the same. You know me the same thing of doing crunches. That homeless can't do it account. Do it man again do so. That is something that be really looking forward to behave. I guess we have to wait whilst i do. Oh aside to watch a local documentary net flicks a documentary focusing on the life of serial killer. Richard ramirez the dude. Who i guess in the seventies eighties could say around that time right. He was creeping into people's windows and bludgeoning victims of deaf. He had no mo actually he had no Type usually there's like a a sort of type they go forward the serial killers if you watch these documentaries but here's a bit of a wade one because he's kinda covered the whole breadth right from young to old. You know two male to female different races just now and obviously a help because there's a local is in one area. Those are kind of sit technique that he kind of adopted in terms of the victims. That was a difficult part. They had to kind of link right to kind of day. I think they they've they focused on one of who they kind of line is a little bit. I'm sure he wasn't as as it. What makes it seem as but you know documentary this original history but they say the documentary. He find it really difficult convincing the rest of the police force to believe that this one guy that was responsible for kidnapping this five year. Old the same guy budget deficit seventy five yard because it just didn't make any sense while that same person due to different crimes but then you know obviously we would evidence over time. I think the main thing that kind of brought the case was footprints at the time of a particular shoot. That wasn't very popula. Just think about you know you. Fossil to nowadays where everyone's wearing sneakers is going to be difficult to find somebody of those kind of monks. Of course the the likelihood of finding somebody that does kind of crime and now there's it'd be made a little more easier with technology and all those kind of things so he kind of got away with a little bit more because back then people were a little bit looser with their security our home the tendency to leave your windows open People won't really on watch as they are now especially with the amount of media that's been created around serial killers and things like that people a little bit more on edge. Have the head on the swivel kind of you know unfortunately for the families that whatever state he took advantage of that. The document is quite graphic to be. I really graphic crime scene photographer photographs. I'm assuming they had to get permission from other families to sign off on it but it's pre it must be pretty bleak to see your member of your family. Remember that way right splayed. All of all of the floor with an autistic expo across their face or something. But you can see where all the hammocks left on their body and just.

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