Rodeo Houston 2021 has officially been canceled because of COVID

Houston Matters


Organizers announced the cancellation of the twenty twenty. One houston rodeo. It's the second straight year. The signature houston event has had to shut down due to the pandemic rodeo houston had pushed the event back two months in the hopes of pulling it off in may but ultimately as rodeo ceo chris bowman explained the current health situation had not improved to the degree necessary to host the event no rodeo again due to the pandemic again. Is this good bad or ugly. Natalie arsenault start us off so i think it's bad and sad at the same time. Not because they've shut it down that good because we haven't improved i numbers necessarily and we have new strains out there and things of that nature but i'm just wondering if they're away like the nba is figuring out how to do things virtually of these. Can't we like set up a baby. Lamb ham or something and people can pay and then we can still scholarships and it would be great. I just think we need to find a happy middle ground somewhere using digital technology.

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