Antetokounmpo scores 27 points, Bucks beat Hawks, 129-115


Can I walk a box behind twenty seven points by Anna said that the compo defeated the Atlanta Hawks one twenty nine to one fifteen and at a component all so had fourteen rebounds and eight assists Bobby Porter scored twenty one for the box and Chris Middleton had nineteen boxer without leading scorer Trae young as well as center Clint capella De'Andre hunter landed landed with thirty three points Milwaukee coach Mike Budenholzer said the hawks had their hands full with Connor you have to be prepared to Johnston you know hot under Dinesh out you know he's a good young player and now we got to be a little bit better a little bit tougher on him and what he went all the way Atlanta twice cut the lead to eight in the fourth quarter the walkie snaps a three game hawks winning streak I am Gary McPhillips

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