The Trade That May Have Saved Caris LeVert

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Will care slivers press conference. Last week was also an introduction to his new team and his new city. What did he have to say about. Being a member of the pacers organization a mid western guy grew up in pickering. Ten ohio right outside of columbus went to school. The university of michigan ann arbor. So he's he's used to are fine. Winter weather grey city basketball city. You know like. I said i'm from the mid west so i know that indiana basketball is all about and i'm i'm very blessed to be part. He's not a guy who's terribly concerned about his brand which became the issue with victor oil depot was more concerned with becoming a mogul than he was a great basketball player. So he's excited. It's a perfect situation from a basketball standpoint because he's playing with they good young selfless team. That plays really well together. And i think he's gonna fit in seamlessly. I love the atmosphere here. I love the fans eerily of their basketball. So that's what i'm all about. I just love the game. So i can't wait to be talk to lavalle jordan coach and butler and he was the assistant coach michigan when karras lavar was there and he can't say enough good things about this guy. He's excited. Toby can live in my neighborhood. That's the only thing but Unbelievable human be in indianapolis really love monday. rate in lavalle knows plenty about the pacers knows about their culture and feels very good. La word is gonna fit in beautifully once they get him back on. The floor

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