How Edgevana CEO Mark Thiele is Streamlining The Way Companies Access Data Centers

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Welcome everyone to another episode of. It visionaries and today we have the ceo in founder of edge. Bonna marsili mark. Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me. I'm excited to join. We always let all of our gas tells us about the company work at since you're the founder we gotta know what is edge wanna edge. Drama is a little bit of a dream. Job for me i've I've spent most of my career innovating inside of other people's it organizations building infrastructure in data centers. And things like that. And and never thought i had the The polite term. I guess gumption to go out and do it on my own. But over the last five years i've been spending the majority of my time looking at technology but technology focused on on edge and my basic assumption. Was that address can be big enough. That all of the infrastructure that we have available on the planet now needs to be brought to bear and that the best way to expand the market is not by forcing everyone to build new for every opportunity that might expand to the edge but rather leverage infrastructure that has to some degree beginning to go fallow because of change buying behavior people buying for edge people buying for for digital transformation are no longer buying neighborhood data center. That's not their strategy anymore. So i thought with the the thousands of data around the world individually each one of those data centers may not seem all that important but connected they offer an enormous opportunity to the customer and people trying to deploy in the end or exploited the edge or even deploy because of greater technology adoption through digital transformation. And so i'm through vaughn. I'm trying to make that process easier. trying to make the The idea of buying complex formerly very physical very manual oriented purchases of network of data center of services of edge compute. All those things to make that much more of a of a imposible kind of best fit opportunity for the customer rather than the traditional brag. Matic let spend three months or three years going through this Trying to find what we need. And let's walk some of our listeners through this conversation because as much as we have c. suite level people. We also people that are just entering into the workforce and learn much more about technology when the key words keep own. You've used is the idea in this concept of edge. I'm gonna kinda say what i know about it. And then i'd love to hear your interpretation so the whole idea of edges that your compute resource moves closer to basically who needs it so everywhere i am instead of sending a signal back to in each queue or sending a signal back to like ashburn where all the public cloud service providers are all located at that latency and time between the moment. I want information the moment of get information. That's the whole point of edges bringing that whole resource closer to me. So i basically effectively can work through massive data sets through bigger applications through bigger utilities. Closer faster and more seamlessly. Now the other thing i understand about. Data centers is it's bought and sold kind of like real estate so that you are the reason why i bring this because you talk about how you you're approaching it in a different way and you would have to if i wanted to. Let's say locate a resource in a local data center. I have to call them up. I got to rent what they call a cage. I gotta put my equipment in there. You said network is not readily available. That might be surprising to people that even though you bought in space edge data center you would then need order connectivity. If you wanted to connect the public cloud you have to order a direct connect. That might take like months. It can take months to even get a direct line into a public cloud service. So this is where it is the idea of edges that all computing resources closer to you. But the reality of data center purchasing is that it's very piecemeal. Let's say and it's like you have to fill out orders in it takes time. It's not like public cloud services. Where i say i want. I want to spend up become. Let's say you know a server. I click a button. And it's there. If i were to build in edge compute center close to me at literally have to go shopping for equipment. I have to go is like a lot of steps. That's what i understand in the world today. Talk about how you see it. And how edge. Vaughn is going to simplify this process. Kind like what. You're talking about. A great i mean and you use stated like at least half of my problem statement or opportunity statement as i prefer to call it a relative dijana but edge computing. I mean i would only add to things flavors to what you said. One flavor is more around the fact that and this is maybe be obvious. And i just wanna stated to makes me feel better That it's more than the individual. It's also machine to machine machined. Individual is right. It's experiential It's a factory floor right. It's all of those things but what you said still obliged all of that right. It's bringing the capability to execute against those opportunity spaces closer to where the execution needs to occur and the reason it needs to occur is what creates the demand reg ride. The reason it needs to occur is. I'm grading too much data and i can't afford send data somewhere

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