Laura Wontrop Klauser, Chevrolet sports car program manager for Corvette Racing, Cadillac Racing



We have. Laura want closer. Who was recently named the sports car racing program manager for general motorist racing. and laura. I just wanna start out. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. This is really exciting right well. I know that you're down. Daytona beach is well been exciting week for you and the race pergram. I want to get to that. But let's just start i without you. Were just recently named sports car racing program manager for general motors prior to that you were the program manager for gm's cadillac. Dpi program in the weathertech sportscar championship series. So just tell us about your job your role and how it's changed in the last week with this new position. Sure yes so by going over to be the sports car racing program manager in simple terms. What has happened is i now have all of our sports car programs which includes cadillac. Of course the camaro gt four program. And then the big one that i just picked up corvette which thrilled to be a part of of that team in that program and essentially the roles the same except just working with the different teams program manager's job at gm. We control the budget for the various programs. And that's laid out differently depending on if it's a customer program or factory program or you how we want to do that and then we also are the single point contact for the teams back to gm and also for the chassis suppliers and engine suppliers is so if they have any questions or any concerns that they want to relay back they see you go through me and then i'll take it to what i need to do. Either make a decision or or go above me. If i need to to solve a problem and then also very much. Integrated into design and development of the race cars at this point for all of those three programs. I just mentioned the cars are done. Which is exciting. So the new design and development. That i'll hopefully be getting into will be anything we do for future programs. Which is something that i'm involved in you know looking at. What would we like to do for from gm's perspective. Where do we wanna race. What brands do we want to race. All of that in the sports car arena. So it's nice. I have all different things. I get to be focused on which keeps the days different every single one and also keeps it so that i never get bored. Doing one thing like you said i mean. You've had a lot to your plate here with this new role. Previously mentioned you oversaw cadillac. And now. you've got corvette racing under your umbrella as well general question like how many people would you say you over at the company. I know you work with teams. So i guess it's probably different than if you were like a team manager but like in your role as a as a program manager that works with several sports teams. How many people would you say. You're you're looking here that's a. That's a good question If you count the teams is being part of the family. Which very much do even though. I'm not gonna go tell a mechanic what to do. That's not my job. But you know i wanna make sure that i look out for all them. Each team is at least you know what the rolex bring more people but twenty thirty people depending and then. What is this year at the rolex we have nine cars three camaros for lax and two corvettes. So i guess if you add it all up it's quite a few people especially with delara and ecr and then our engine team at gm included in there But like i said i. I don't really directly manage you. Know what the teams do in terms of telling the mechanics how to put the wheel on or anything along those lines. It's more so just giving them the connection. And then i control the purse strings for a lot of it especially the corvette program so you know ultimately it's like one of those love hate relationships. We have to work together to each. Get what we need

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