The Little Things Movie Review

Little Gold Men


Okay one less title. That's out this week. This went on in theaters and on. Hbo max i believe It's the little things which is a detective thriller. It is both set in the early nineties and feels a little bit like a time. Capsule from early nineties It starts in washington with rami. Malik and jared leto. Three best actor oscar winners. That's kind of a rare sight There it. I enjoyed the throwback quality of it while also thinking it was yet another of the stone cold boomers. We're talking about this week Richard i think you might have enjoyed it. Listen i did even. I didn't like it at all. I really wanted it to be something specific that of that was written in the early nineties. Steven spielberg directed. Imagine so strange are and then. I think clint eastwood was looking at it and deigned veto and finally john lee hancock wrote it decided to make himself twenty seven years later. I wanted it to be kind of one of those nineties. Post silence of the lambs. Serial killer studio thrillers. You know a little grimy kind of silly but like engaging good detective work kind of stuff and it has those trappings but at the center is kind of a weird void at the center. I think it's kind of trying to be about something bigger and fails at that. And so everything else kind of doesn't get its proper do denzel washington's always good rummy. Malik is fine. Jared leto. People people's tolerance level of him certainly varies. And he's really doing a thing you know and i found it engaging for like the first scene and then i was like okay i get it. I don't even more so for me. It was just like it had all these interesting component parts. But the whole didn't really didn't do it for me.

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