A highlight from Frosty AKA Father Frost AKA Morozko (Alexander Rou; 1964)


Hi my name's allie and this is the reuss falls unite podcast where we watch russian films and films with in connection as always. I'm joined by a guest and today my guest is returning guests. It's gary i carry. Thanks will coming on the show. Sure a great style. You asked me like an hour ago. If i wanted to do this. Watch a movie that we've never heard of. I've heard of it night also by flip to this moving an hour ago. I mentioned this like a five days to a week ago. Is it in the calendar. No rights Before we proceed then carry a full newly snus please kit. You say who you are. I'm gonna quarantine bubble with alli. Okay should i explain why mccord t bubble with you. I mean you could. Yeah i mean people can draw conclusions. But we're married pro-gay and any more reason than being my spouse for why you're on a podcast about russian and soviet movies. I'm an easy guests to get last minute. Will there is that. You're getting exasperated with me. Are you know the. there's nothing nothing. Nothing is the sort. I am reminded. Why have made a guest for a little. While though I studied russian language and literature in university elian. I met what we were both working in moscow. Cool thank you. That was so easy wilson. No i had no idea what you wanted Ever mind all right. This is the normal dynamic wind carries on the show but you'll often for festive episodes. Which is what this nominally. Is that time that we watched loveless for a valentine's day special. It was it was a classic episode the opposite of a date night movie. Yeah i think. I think the only movie i've ever seen this probably less of a date movie. That still has a romantic relationship. The coal would probably be revolutionary. Wrote with kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio. Which i think was really funny. That was. I think that was the first time that they are in a movie together. Off the titanic is what about this ridiculously massey relationship breakdown. They go to avoid being typecast. It'll yes so. This is normally a festive episode in normally festive time of year. I guess but it's twenty twenty. So you know bottoms up yes we should. We should say This this episode is brought to you in association with canadian icewind. It's okay tastes like alcoholic. Welch's grape juice for you america the white grape juice that they have for your american listeners. Who know what that means. Yeah i mean there's no unpleasant but it's not amazing either but now is if appropriate given the movie that we're watching today. The we are drinking at beverage from the frozen north aka canada. I know whether that's like to be referred to but it certainly colder than this country has something more significant portion of canada's further south than uk. I suppose but it has We just have colder rainy season. Yeah right so. The festive festive movie. That we're watching this. Festive festive lockdown. Yeah is it's cooled muddle cisco known in english as jack frost rather even anachronistic. It's because that's to do with five. It's just pretty weak translation. But it's from nineteen sixty four and is directed by alexander ro which is slightly unusual russian nine but it turns out. His dad was irish. So yeah so.

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