Voters in Central African Republic will have their say

UN News


The united nations on the organization's partners in the central african republic have issued a strong message to armed groups amid an uptick in pre-election violence insisting the national poll will go ahead as planned the statement by the g. five group which includes the european union russia the united states and the world bank calls for the immediate and unconditional end to coordinated offensives and scaremongering which threatened the electoral process instability in the central african republic dates back decades violence has displaced hundreds of thousands in the country which despite immense natural mineral wealth is one of the poorest in the world today to more than one point eight million citizens have registered to vote and voting cards have being distributed throughout the country ahead of sunday's poll according to the group which also includes anchor. Nda special representative of the un secretary. General mr nda took to twitter at the weekend to reassure citizens that you and peacekeepers would do their utmost to ensure the security of the electoral process. He also called on people not to panic in a statement the g. five said that it condemned all efforts to force the country into a new political transition in violation of the constitution. It named former president francois and unnamed armed elements before calling on them to lay down their weapons immediately. The g. five statement also firmly condemned all collusion between political actors and armed groups looking to create disorder and panic among the population to prevent them from their sovereign right to vote

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