Are we out of the woods? Or is it the calm before the storm?



Let's talk about that contact tracing in the covid saif at because it sort of feels like the old fashioned way is the most reliable. At the moment we've had complaints or troubles with The card and the reliability of the information that people are putting in when scanning and we don't really hear much about whether the covid saif app is uncovering any cases that aren't being uncovered through the old school contact tracing three leather way. There's no question that the new south wales health approach is relying very much on their excellent excellent contact tracing process but there there really is some hygiene that they need to do to clear up. Things one is. There's clearly a problem with the qr codes. Why don't they just say everybody has to use the service. New south wales. Qr code which is really excellent. Has your name registered with them and contact. Tracers get immediately. They don't have to phone cafe and then go to the qr code company and and pulled down the test and find later that some of it was written down and putin twenty database. Just macy where savage usa goes just so why mess around wanted us to do that. Same as my mask mandate masks and just get going with its and then the sefat even who was working properly probably is by not is that you know. We had a commentary on it A couple of weeks ago. Even if it's working better than it did and it's on all the time on iphones for example it's still is designed to pick up somebody who's within one point five meters well just think about the avalon bowling club or the avalon ourselves. People didn't get infected there necessarily by being within one and a half meters. They gonna almost certainly from aerosol spread across the room so a lot of what's coming out of the commonwealth is is fixated on droplet spread close distance. Which is important but as we've seen in this outbreak and the poor van driver who was transporting you aircrew and probably the cleaner as well in in the in the hotel. The they're all almost certainly picking it up by airborne. Airborne aerosol spread at a distance and the hotel quarantine report Again shows that ventilation is the problem. That you've got air from rooms. Going into general corridors. We had marrying gainer on a couple of weeks ago and chronic has talking about how they find single rooms where venting into general cars even going as far subsequently she didn't talk about this but report does as far as the nursing station so we are really leading healthcare workers down here as well and what i'm told anecdotally is that healthcare workers in new south. Wales are anxious and concerned that the got spread and apparently they're still issues in some new thanks again and does really us have hospitals with p. and adequate mask wearing outside of high risk areas. I mean it's just a shame that we are not immunizing right now. Healthcare workers when there's a cluster on. Well it's funny because we were talking yesterday about you. Your take was that we should be immunizing. People in the northern beaches area As sort of a pilot study and also as a way of ring-fencing that outbreak there And so then. Now you're saying in. Even more specific approach would be to vaccinate the healthcare workers in that area to protect them. But do we actually have the supply of vaccine to give if we wanted to well. Interestingly i thought we had the pfizer vaccines to the country. We're just way you and what we're waiting for was the tj to approve. Go smacks yesterday to find that. We don't have pfizer vaccine in the country. All we've gotten. The country is the capacity to manufacture upon.

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