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In the summer and freezing in the winter. You're not alone. This is ask this old house. i'm permadi's lots of us have faced it space in your house that just plain uncomfortable cranking the a. c. in the summer and piling on the blankets and the winter and it's miserable morrison andrew known. I'm talking about their in akron ohio. Hi guys so. I hear you found an awesome house. We did yes let's hear about it. one thousand nine hundred fifty s cape cod. We've been here about five years now. We used to have our bedroom apartment in one of the top rooms and you got about one good week in september one good week april otherwise it was unbearable after that so we had to move downstairs. Yeah right now. The upstairs we have a guest bedroom and office. Andrew has been working from home and that's where his office is. It's pretty terrible to work up there. It's very hot and in april is pretty cold And actually my brother is staying with us. Because of cova ed so he drew the short stick. I guess and he's upstairs. What would you like to do with it eventually. Like do you want to make it a more comfortable office space. Do you want to make it a more comfortable bedroom. So your brother sticks around. I think yeah definitely be to make it more comfortable because at around two or three o'clock in the afternoon i have to step out of the office. I can't work there anymore. it's too hot. And i think we'd like to move the bedroom back upstairs. Yeah does it was a better set up for the house and maybe even like potentially spread out to the whole two sides. I mean it's a cool space. It's just gross so you you're only using part of it. Is that right. Yeah there's two bedrooms at the top and then there's the unfinished space behind the knee walls. There's about three and a half four foot new walls and the space outside of that on finished. But i keep all my decorations in those spaces and all the children's books and vhs is that will never use a lot of a lot of storage all right and What have you done to it so far. have you been working on any projects. Yeah we've done a couple of things we redid. The bathroom retiled the kitchen. A lotta outside stuff mostly. yeah. I like to garden. So we really like revamped. The whole outside andrew's been doing brick. Patios we did a walkway. The backyard's looking great sounds like you've got some serious sweat equity and it already. Yes we do. Yeah we did all the demo in the bathroom. That was very exciting. Started off with me painting the ceiling and then it turned into me putting in a fan ripping out a wall tearing up the tile doing everything it was just i just wanted to repeat the ceiling. So okay it sounds like you're pretty fearless about what you're willing to jump into. Were not shy. I'll make mistakes. Yeah was there anything else going on there that you want to chat about or ask about. Yeah the ruth Probably in march ish. We got these really this wild hailstorm here in akron ohio and it definitely messed up. Everyone's roof along our street and so we finally got the Appraiser out here and so we do have in the works a roof replacement so just knowing i mean to me as a novice that is right where we maybe wanna put insulation. I don't know this is why we're calling this. We're asking this maybe makes sense to included in part of the renovation of that attic or maybe they're too similar things but we can suss that out with our expert for sure thing. Thank you roster. Who is going to make sure that space feels a lot more comfortable more in a minute. So many things to organize so many ways to get it done during the store more. Save more event at the home depot. Now it's easier than ever with clear. Sterilized storage containers and tons of styles and sizes from extra-large bins to water resistant containers and more starting at just a dollar eighteen. Each order online for fast and easy pick up. It's a good time to be a doer and forgetting organized with help from the home depot. How doers get more done. Limited time only event and dates vary by store. See store for details when it comes to making those extra spaces in your house. More comfortable roster is our guy payrolls. It's chris. hey chris how're you doing. I'm doing well thanks. How are you doing great. What's going on. So here's the deal. Marin andrew had a cape that they love but it's got a few issues on. The second floor is freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer. I've heard that before. Yup so the big issue is there are two rooms up there and they'd like to turn one into a master bedroom and the other into an office but right now it's just way too uncomfortable. Space isn't fully insulated. Whoever converted this addict before didn't do a very good job clearly and put a little twist on this. They had a hailstorm awhile back and insurance is giving them money for a new roof. So they're wandering. should they tackle. This is one big job. A new roof and insulation. Keep the project separate right right okay. Well that's an interesting wrinkle. The the hailstorm part of it. Where are they located again. There are no high. Oh all right anytime. I get questions about roof insulation especially in retrofit or older buildings. The first question. I always ask is. Where's the building located. Because you know your local climate zone is going to dictate what your options are so my recommendation for someone in miami is gonna be different than somebody who and so when you think about roof insulation. There's two different ways. You typically do you. Doing a vented attic or a non vented or on invented attic right. So hot roof called roof is is the other terms of the call it. Yeah so let's break this down a little. Can you explain the two ways of venting a roof. Yeah the typical thing

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