Urban Meyer to keep health in mind as new Jacksonville Jaguars coach


A jacksonville is the best job opening in the nfl. right now. they've got eleven total picks in the upcoming grab first round picks one hundred million dollars in salary cap space. They have the number one pick so all unless unless someone is as a complete and utter fool. that are going to be Drafting trevor lawrence. Whether number one. Pick and trevor lawrence. It's supposed to be a generational great. Come on man come on tomorrow to mark. Among on if sean con come on man is about time you get serious if you can go ahead and get yourself but yourself in the position where hey you know what. We've got a really good thing going here. In terms of the future we covered that bear. And we've got all of this to work with you know. How many times would love to be in that position. Already mentioned the fact in the nba raphael stone in general managers. In general in that league you ask them what would you rather have in terms of rebuilding program. All of these guys who say man. I'm a multiple picks a lot of salary cap space to go ahead and do my thing. Would you get that injectable even with a hard salary cap now. Jacksonville isn't the same as far as free agent destination as a los angeles or the bigger markets. But still you're talking about. The state of florida was no income state tax. You're speaking about ill a situation where you're gonna be working with a generational great quarterback possibly. Hopefully i mean there's a lot of things you have a really really good young talent on that team that a lot because the team one and fifteen but there's there's some ambers within the within the the fire that you can That you can work with. I mean it should be very attractive job for a gm but if a gm any worth of any you know any worth is going to go in there and you're going to be talking about. Yeah i'm going to be in charge of the roster. I mean come on man you know the next bill polian next ron. Woolfe is not going to be like yes. That's pretty good and then since you already hired the couch you gotta make sure that the coach in the general manager president of football operations are together as one as far the philosophy is concerned. And we don't know where myers philosophy because well. He's never coached. He's never coached in the nfl so he might have a philosophy all this kind of stuff. What is it based off of. It can be based on what he did in college because college in the nfl completely different animals. Yeah you might have a philosophy of how you deal with people in college. What when you're dealing with people in college. They're eighteen to twenty two years old when you're going to be different of course and you know this coming central tell you. It's a lot of different dealing with grown men who have mortgages who are building their brands. Who have kids who have other responsibilities lot different way. You work with them. Sure in a college situation. You are of the defacto you are. You are the maker you are the guy you are the when i say jump you answer. How high when i say run through brick wall put your head down and go through that brick wall inc a college. You can get away with that stuff in the. Nfl is not. You're not coach. Employees i mean. This isn't supervisor employees working together. This is a collective understanding in terms of where we're going so yeah you wouldn't have any philosophy and you can have. You can try to find players that are into fit that philosophy but how rigid is that philosophy going to be. If you're urban meyer in college will you can go ahead and you can recruit anybody who you want to. You can text. You can call and you can do all these things and you can go ahead and develop a relationship over the years so you can even have a better understanding it. This young man is going to be able to fit the philosophy that you have in college. You can do that shit and the nfl you can't and the nfl is a business. And if you speaking about philosophy you better think about the philosophy. A win. Because i used to do all that bullshit about. Yeah you know. I bring these young men into the league. And you know these guys are young and some of these come from underprivileged backgrounds and these guys never have a checking account before. These guys don't know how to do this and these guys don't know how to do that so for me as a coach especially being a black coach with these kids coming into the nfl coming in basically as kids even though there are twenty one twenty two years old. I feel it's a responsibility for me to show them the ways of live and the show them how to do things the have them grow and mature of by the time that they retire that they'll be able to have a foundation for them to be successful one. Football is over

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