Off The Record: New Year's Resolutions are Stupid



We need three to one action looking back off the record and we talk about own. Welcome back everyone. Twenty were fully in the twenty s. Now do you think. Now we're gonna start referring to like you know in twenty one. Yeah back in twenty one. Craziest twenty twenty five so long that when i say back in twenty one thousand nine hundred feels like five years ago. That's true five years ago. Two years ago we're in the roaring twenty s dude san just saying back in eighteen recall to back in nineteen man. Yeah i was. I think the last pandemic was around nineteen nine hundred eighteen. Nineteen right vanish. Losing nineteen fifteen. Whatever we're at a matrix just keeps repeating over and over like oh. The cycle finished it again true. What do you think's gonna happen in the next on new year's aliens that's already happening. What's going on with aliens. Oh we're gonna talk about that and now we just talk about it a little bit later. You got to wait. I want to see alien. But i'll tune in later for that like new year's resolutions for this year or any. I hate whenever people talk about me. What about an island loves goals. I just don't even as resolutions. What's a resolution. I guess his soul resolution sounding like do you have any like i wanna do. I wanna put on pants. This year is out things on one hand and we look at the definition of a resolution. Isn't it like how many pixels on a screen. Yeah that's what i was thinking like. I want at least two thousand clearer picture. The resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. That's what it means. A formal expression of opinion or intention agreed on by a legislative body committee or other formal meetings typically after taking a boat. Yeah because i was thinking that the more of a i heard it in politics and lawmaking yeah hated is because i'm always like all talk. I hate that about myself about promises. I don't keep them. I don't get rid of promises. Some like fuck always

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