Project Car of the Week: 1969 Dodge Dart

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This week's projet carve. The week was the nineteen sixty nine. Dodge dart posted on the moped hunter. Facebook page on tuesday january fifth at nine a. m. let's read the ad nine thousand nine hundred sixty nine dodge dart sixteen thousand five hundred dollars. Nineteen sixty nine. Dodge dart very well built four forty. Tci seven twenty seven dana sixty with four fifty six in spool fiberglass front rear deck lead from bumper. Just put down the direct floor. Liner front end has been completely rebuilt. Everything has been changed including the torsion bars retires or hoosiers that don't have fifty miles on them. Amnesty distributors six. Al box brand new holly xp carb too much to list completely rewired with ron. Francis wiring also have the box with the extra wiring for other applications plus instructions also frontiers new and converted over to kelsey hayes. Four piston calipers shocks in front or new shocks rear. Our new drag shocks car is very fast. Title status is clean. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking here he goes again with another dart drag car. And you're right. I can't help that. I love dodge darts and i can't help that. I love drag car projects. They're just cool. I really do enjoy them. I think they're awesome. And i think that great project cars and this car just happens to be another dart. The reason why. I like this one so much is because it's pretty much ready to go to me. It looks like it just needs a few finishing touches and you're off to the races. I should say that like with any race car project. You'd go through this thing from top to bottom. But just based on what i see. I think it's a great candidate for a drag car project especially at under twenty grand. I mean this thing sitting sixteen five. I think there might be a little bit of room but you know just looking at the car and comparing it to other things that i've seen out there for maybe half the price the seems like a good bye. I will say this though. It may be kind of a handful on the street. And that's only because of the spool and the rear end ratio for those of you. That don't know a spool is a fully locked rear diff unlike locking diff the school locked at all times. So when you're turning you're gonna feel the rear end grabbing and gripping the road because the wheels will be unnaturally turning at the same rate of speed so it's kind of impractical parking taking turns and stuff. It might feel a little bit weird almost like if you're a four wheel drive on the street you know and you crank the wheel all the way and you try to turn. You're gonna feel that rear end like skipping almost The other issue that i saw was the four fifty six years. I think it would be really fun. Obviously light to light on the street. But i'd imagine if you're on the freeway a lot of could be an issue but that said you know a lot of people run these gears all the time even on the street so i guess it just depends on the type of driving. You'll be doing and if you're willing to put up with it it might be okay if you only take the car out occasionally on the streets but at sixteen thousand five hundred you have a great headstart to a fun strip car. That can possibly be driven on the street. It's a big lakhdar with some bigs and littles also has what looks to be centerline. Auto drags on it. So that's that's a plus in my book. I love those wheels. So big and little auto drags cool in my book. It's gotta side exit exhaust aluminum radiator. It's got a nice racing shift in it. Some cheap racing seats grant steering wheel. You know this things got some potential you know does it have its flaws sher- but we can work around those and we can take this platform as you get it and then make it your own. You know there's still room to improve and you know that's sure to tickle anymore. Part theseus fancy especially mind the thing even has really bars too so if you did drive it on the street the only addition to make it even more intimidating would probably be a parachute but discards cool has a ton of potential and it sure to turn heads on both the track and the street got nice orange paint a black bumble bee stripe. It's got a giant hood scoop on the front like the old school. I don't know what you call it like a pro street hood scoop. I guess I think that's the word i'm looking for. I think that's the description i can give. But it's not the typical hood that i would like to see on a mo- par but i guess it works. I like hemi hood scoops or six. Pack hood scoops. I think those are cool But it's got four. It's got the fiber last trunk so it's got four pins on that to hold it down Like i said it's got the whealy bars so cut that bad ass aesthetic to

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