A highlight from TPC: Listener Question Time: Should No Waste Ideals Start With Us Limiting Our Own Waste Thoughts?


Welcome to the people's countryside environmental debate. Podcasts thanks so much for being with us. My name is william mangku on the co host of this alongside as ever. It is dubbed up dumb shirt. The waldman member each a fun type proper fanfare initiative. Maybe get somebody to is any data flourish. You did a flourish now. You never need to flush to. We got we got trump player or a horn player listening to us right now. We like to record a a fanfare for us at the start. And that's the way to start a podcast episode isn't it. I remember comedian. Wants talking about He was going to get annoyed hood from the queen coming through. Whereas it might have been jimmy. Tobback stood in this big oil and and juku vandenberg was looking at the big trumpet. Went up in jimmy. Tarbuck said was that. I said that's the queen and gb tabart said she can play trumpet loud. Catchy anyway yeah. We've been on show is i think i think that's la- last made half our audience laugh the other for just another one. That might make him laugh. It depends on a carriage with the queen. Mother number years go between members dead now so to be pulled by horse and they're waving at the crowd and the whole farted very loudly and the queen. Mother said i'm sorry about that. In the blake said also thought it was the horsey. Said yes right right. So we discuss world large world-scale environmental issues here on the podcast. And for the last. How many episodes are can't even guess. Now we've been discussing questions sent in by you listener. This episode is new different. What is our question today in. Who is to the question. Today is some keith in mountain. oxfordshire the verdict. My mother was bone. And i wanted to. She knew wonder if they knew each other. You know i didn't give so that night anyway. His question is david. Attenborough was asked what we could do to help the environment and he said not to waste anything. this is walkways alongside looking at cobb neutrality. I think no kaethe asks should know waste ideal. Start with limiting our own waste thoughts. This is spiritual philosophical psychological. Question on william. Casey the whole idea that we think too much without acting on those thoughts or we just we over think things i even thinking and making problems bigger than they need to be. I think all actions resulted from thought. So yeah i mean we need to make awful productive acres. And that's what i've always said this to be positive tax law of effort where we're very we're creatures of habit we're creatures of of with an in an eye ability to be very good at being negative to see the bad and and i think all say fixate on the on the exceptional rather than the norm so when some exceptional happens and especially negatively exceptional event. We we fixate. We fixate on it. Yeah i think this is a very simple question to answer yes Limiting weist starts with a lower aren weiss thoughts because no action comes without conscious. Thought it simplify simplify. It is to simplify life. Isn't it exactly pool. Simple life considering The last episode we did was nearly four minutes long. Also william this would short because this is a yes or no answer. I think that's to say really. I think action the action i mean we we in a way we don't really want to be discussing for too long because it it would go against the answer. Wouldn't it yeah because over thinking it. I think i've i think i've been thinking leads to inaction you think of all trying to think of all of the problems that arise from from an action then lead to action because y'all be bamboozled by all the information you've got rather than acting on what you're doing you i mean the idea of. Let's go back to. What david attenborough said there about not to waste anything that does include thought that includes includes actions includes make make make make make an impact just doing something but my action would be just be aware that it takes effort to think positively and it takes no effort at all just to be on a downer. Very easy might the effort. And i would say that that that positive thinking is a good way is a good thing to do and like i said it is. It takes takes willpower. Willpower is not. We'll call you. Can't willpower is something that is like muscle itself. Actually the try and our take action for this is actually to start your day with a positive thought started right at the start because when you i when i awake in the morning you might feel tired. You might feel groggy but you haven't really switched on your brain hasn't fully fully switched on yet and we start with a positive thought the rest of the day no matter how it goes would at least been started instead

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