How Blogging Strengthens Your Business with Mike Allton


But i want to get into some of the the the media side of things here and talk a little bit about blogging specifically content creation memo. We started blogging. I wanna get into like the value of it in. What's the importance of it. She someone out there who's an entrepreneur and building their business. What's the value of you can slice it how you want blogging. Where are the creation. What is the value there behind. That i love this question. Because there's there's a lot of nuance here the that we can dig into so for those of you listening. You probably have some social profiles. You've probably created some content for social media. You maybe haven't criticism much content for your web property itself and to your point you might be wondering as a listener do i even really need to create content on my website today and unfortunately the answer is very much. Yes it's an emphatic. Yes and i send. Fortunately because i know not everybody likes to right. I'm kind of blessed in a little bit freakish in that regard where i love to write. I'm really good at writing. Does probably where. That blogging brute. Nomenclature comes from is that i can blog super fast. I can write really really fast now. Writing stealing kind of contents. That exists out there you gain creates video content. You grow your content which is a large part of what we're doing right now rights but that's not the best converting content write. We can publish all kinds of video content onto youtube and we can create audio content on podcasts and you can create visual content for social media but ultimately if we wanna make money that content has to drive people to a website and wants to on the website. People need to read. They have to read so whether it's a landing page or a blog post or an article on ethic your white paper is lots of written content out there in terms of types but is all written so we have to be able to write and so do you have to blog in the traditional sense. No you don't you don't have to create that kind of regular reverse chronologically published content if you don't want to if that doesn't make sense for your business or your audience but you're going to have to write. This is why in hanley rid wrote the book everybody rights because we all right whether we want to or not but we all can right which is the other nuance of what she was saying. And the the the dual meaning behind the title that particular book. Everybody has to write but everybody can rights so one thing that i teach. People often is if you're thinking about writing in terms of creating a reports like you might have for college or an assignment of some kind where you acted to teach. These things in all has to be well researched and that sort of thing that may be. What's tripping you up right. I've been helping stephanie. For instance with her writing since we first met and she's a fantastic writer. She didn't know it because she was getting caught up and challenged by preconceived notions of what that writing should look like and when i started talking to her over a year ago about hey if you just right the way you talk if you just share with me in writing form the same way that you share with me in video or face to face. It'll be just as good if not better. That kinda cooter in an open a lightbulb moment in her mind and now she writes. She writes really really well. She communicates well now. She maybe doesn't publish articles as often. Maybe some of the writing is in email which is another great place to put written content. That's going to drive business results. So i would encourage you. Who are listening to rethink how you want to right now. You wanna communicate information about yourself about your business about your customers your industry and try to frame that in a sense that what i wanna do is share with you in written form the same thing that i share with you verbally or via video

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