Why the Celtics Might Be Starting to Tune Out Coach Brad Stevens


I do wonder if the Celtics are starting to tune out Brad it took eight years guys Bob, you know, I think Larry said to you after 3 years, we stopped listening and I love Brad Stevenson. I think the coaches love Brad Stevens. I don't know if players love Brad Stevens. That's what I'm working. Love them. I just don't know if if again they have that respect form in a sense of of that. He can really motivate them and he can like push the right buttons. I think he knows one button to push and I'm not sure again. Sometimes you gotta jump guys. Sometimes you get to get up up in them. And that's never going to be Brad Steve Jobs. That's in and to me it's not just Brad. So this is Bob. There's nobody else in the staff that can do that. Like go get a veteran guy that everybody respects that can really jump these guys and get on them and be the bad guy cuz that's not Jay larranaga. That's not Jerome Allen. None of these guys. So not even Turner What's that? Not even sure, right? Yeah. I mean everything's going to be a player turned coach now like he's oh that's not going to be his role. I mean, I love Evan Turner. I think it's going to be a really good coach someday. But yeah, I think you're right to some extent. The only male say is getting rid of Hayward probably solves a few issues Dynamic, you know, that that he caused not off to his, you know through his own, you know doing like wasn't his fault, but but Gordon obviously Brad was trying to play him two years ago and get him minutes and get him. And I think a lot of players resented that

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