AT#744 - Travel to Central Oregon


Hundred forty four today. The amateur traveler talks about hikes and hops lava tubes and lakes lava lands and painted hills as we bend and central oregon may come to the amateur traveler. I'm your host. Chris christopherson. let's talk about central oregon. I'd like to welcome to the show. Catherine ryan gregory from to and fro fam- dot com. Who's come to talk to us about central oregon catherine welcome to the show. Thanks so much chris. I'm kind of people didn't get it. To and fro fam- is a family centered. Travel blogging site. Yep that's right so it's mostly family travel but i am of the firm belief that parents it also travel by themselves or with friends and so it has a little bit for everybody. We'll talk more about that and a couple other projects that catherine's doing later on. But first we're gonna have you fall in love with her as we talk about. Central oregon. Now catherine. what's your connection to central oregon. Well i grew up in oregon and eugene hours from central oregon and my family traveled around the state and the pacific northwest. Quite a bit. So i grip going to central oregon on family vacations and so forth and then when i was and moved back to oregon and now pretty much whenever i need. A dose of sun have since i live in portland. I try to get over to central oregon because it's sunny almost all of the time there and there's just so much to see and so much to do like all describe so i think you'll you'll kind of understand with so much happening. In central oregon. I just always been there in the past month. I took i took my kids. They're the last two weekends. It's been a little cloudy and gray here in the portland area. So i've been craving Well and we've already told you something that is different about central oregon than probably better known. Portions of oregon. But why should someone go. To central oregon. The way i see it central oregon Is really unique for a couple of different reasons. First of all it is like an outdoors paradise for people who love to spend time outside is sort of the place in the area to go except without some of the pretension that other places get with. The reputation of the skiing shall as an all of that. Ben has the best of all of those areas but without any pinkies in the air if you will and then sort of along those lines it's also a beer central so if any of your listeners as i imagine enjoy themselves craft brew or two or more bent has some of the most breweries per capita there. Actually something like one craft brewery in the city for every four thousand residents. So that's that's quite a density of beer and then third. It has like a volcano hotspot. It's one of only four. Us cities that has volcano within city limits. and christmas. You'll hear me talk about central. Oregon is shaped by ball. Canada activity from eons ago up until just two thousand years ago or so so it's just has incredible landscape and so many things to do that relate to balkan oh so as a pretty get into the wisdom of whether one wants to go to a city that has a volcano in the middle of town. But i kind of itinerary. Are you gonna recommend for us. Well limited myself to a week itinerary. In central oregon. And i know you'll have to shut me up here. Sometimes it gets so excited about it. But i know walk. Us through seven day itinerary. That's centered and bend. So you spend as a hub and take some day trips from there. But i recommend staying benders because it has the best in terms of facilities and food and is really accessible to a lot of the places in the surrounding central oregon area excellent. So we'll start at. Ben what are we gonna do in bend before we leave town or run. Fleeing a volcano. Hopefully not that. It's been safe for the past fifteen hundred years or so so. I think you're safer now. But we're going to start in bend which is about two hours or two and a half hours drive from portland and ditto eugene with are the nearest main airports and i recommend starting in the city to get your bearings and actually the best way to do that is to go atop of a volcanic mountain which is called pilot. Butte it's within city limits and you can either drive to the top or you can hike to the top. It's about an easy two miles and get a three hundred sixty degree view of

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