A highlight from Pancake Paparazzi, Skinny trousers aren't for big fella's! a misty lockdown tale, vibrating device for problem areas.


Program. It's keep coming cauliflower cheese episode number sixty two. We should've Dive in and dell and rummage. The subject of whimsey nostalgia light comedy. Pain of your host is run out thimble so when it comes to you know sewing in dawning and everything else. I'm getting one of those. Like calluses on my finger. guitarist but much less rock and roll. When you're butler. Of course. So last week is frozen. And i see this podcast is i mean. I was sort of a frozen tundra over last weekend. You guys get on and skate for about fifty minutes or an hour and get off again and go warm up. That's that's what the podcast really walls of this last week it was. It was a little bit of gentle excise. Some sort of oral exercise with a name and i think you enjoy yourselves seems like it. I mean we're big in japan Few people listen to us. New people listen to us in in america. We're doing. I think we're doing k. I mean obviously if If if i go far one day sounds like you might need some paracetemol medicine for that viral fatso. Good thing bad thing or maybe hardy ointment to rebel either to rid of any viral concerns. No but this is. This is where we're at. This is where we were at is another friday and allies on his glorious globe that they that they that we like to call and it's his love to have your company again and we got full fun. Pack four pack show today and some of the things that we may or may not be talking about today. Famous people people taking the form of pancakes now. How's it off the world. seen jesus christ the pancake. I mean i think we. I think we have seen most of us is seen jesus christ as a pancake. Possibly john the baptist. Maybe the pope but what what famous people take taking the form of pancakes and a little little a feature that. I like to call paparazzi pancakes. Also my love of the natella crate becomes the food is there's many loves many passions the detain me in the in the food department. Also we have a mystery. That'll be coming up later. Maybe to potter for today and tomorrow potentially and all these subjects can cross over. Tomorrow they are allowed to cross over to. The morrow is not like us at of berlin wall situation where we have east and west where we're all friends here and and some of the subjects may cross over here definitely. Why can i hide under a curtain. You know sometimes. I feel like wanting to hide under head and also i saw a big fella big fella in skinny jeans and tell you what my thoughts were on that the random smell of horse mania in suburbia by did maine and also Everybody's very prepared of noticed this. I probably the most lease prepared. I fly by the seat of my very i end. Press pleaded pants trousers pants. You case central plate my underpants. Or even i mean to be honest maybe i should. Maybe that's where i've been doing wrong. also anybody heard of the fof eight hundred is the diet will be tucking into that later. Also thinking about a new footwear. I like the act tracks thinking that something else could even more effective as well. What are your feelings on dope duties. What are your feelings on. Random people on instagram messaging. You i mean. I mean it's called out there and if you still gun commander well. Let's think about that. Show also Also thinking about new bravo shows. I mean you champion. The butlers mine does like to wander and does go into some nooks and crannies quite often intact So many subjects today including a trump trombone looking at some of the bloody awful headlines wait acquaintance trump would trombone We may be looking at little ghost tale linked to the to the guerrillas in the midst but amiss detail that we have a we have enigmatic english eccentric habits not people habits of of the english and and pretty much a fun. Pack two four packed packed to the roster's type of program today. And you're very welcome to sit down and relax. What you do during the president would love to hear what you dating the program. I mean i know some people. Some people drawer rather large bubbly baath Some people Some people listen discreetly. Because they don't want anybody else knowing that listen such nonsense i mean. Where are you listening to it. I mean is there. Anybody is there anybody on You know at some remote areas of the world where you're listening to to this ross said obscure slightly slutty eccentric slightly. Odd podcast be Fantastic to to get a sense of You know whatever the random places that people listen to these things. I mean a lot of. I like to listen to podcasts. Anything audio walson dog. Walk very very lovely time to do that either. You know poke cost radio or music or whatever so. I'm sure some people do that as well whilst trying to tame fido when it comes to Along track along the ender along a snowy trial awesome lines. But here we are. I'm here sitting in the chair trying to improve my posture. I do have one of those Victorian courses today similar. They weren't bridgeton. But it's not to make my Breast account more and more of a cleavage is more of them. More trying to improve the posture in i have to be wrecked quite frequently as a you have to have your head raised in your back straight and the course it really is helping along those lines so so if the paying and maybe a broken microphone that is the course it flying off and destroying all sort of technological items that i have Scattered across the desk to the sound slightly professional so for a second week really people have been talking about weetabix. This is a serial that a little bit like shredded. Wheat is difficult describe. You can get at trader. Joe's i believe where you could could get traded in a little bit of milk. Sugar normally a little bit of honey but But you know you probably remember the cathedral. The brouhaha that was caused last week when people suggested on twitter that people might enjoy breakfast of baked beans on it. And there we go. There's the box that we'd have xbox narrow two of the To the weighty vessels on the plate scattered with baked beans. And it's been it's been sort

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