What Is Clubhouse and Do You Need to Be on It?

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Talk about clubhouse before we run out of time I what what are your thoughts on club. I feel like clubhouse right now is is like as we speak february twenty. Twenty one is still in private I wouldn't call a beta on the app store. It's invite only right but they seem to be accelerating the invitations to the point. Now where february. Twenty twenty one sort of is the month where clubhouse went big. Yeah i would agree with that. I mean i would say maybe maybe january No yeah i'm trying to think. When was the lawn on. When when did he do the thing that was like it's over joins twitter moment twenty twenty one today january to february. And i'm sure you know in hindsight you know there'll be more people in march and more people in but it's getting a. Can you describe what clubhouse is and then. Tell me your thoughts about it okay. I'm going to find something. That is certainly find my tweet that i sent about it because stevens noffke was annoyed with me but i stand by it. Okay this was. Someone asked me two weeks ago. Says what does one do with clubhouse. And then i wrote waste time. Not working by listening to other people not working talking about stuff. They claim to be experts end but really aren't while hoping for celebrities to show up. That's pretty it's pretty tart. But but i don't disagree with it. And i say this as someone who i've spent a lot of time on clubhouse i've hosted shows on capelle when that was still a beta feature. I think i joined in april. I'm i'm not above this. Like at all. I'm just saying like when i use it. It is usually because it's the end of the day. And there i see one of the main notifications come in that. You know somebody you're on things interesting is going on or i'm like you know kind of trying to avoid doing actual work and so i tune in the afternoon and then listen to other people who are often doing the same thing and then there is that bit of like. Oh and maybe someone famous will pop in. I don't know i'm being totally honest like for me that that is kind of the appeal. That's not to say that. I don't think there. I think that you can have some real substantive and interesting conversations and and there are some really interesting ways it can be used in the way that it's interest. Graph is both connected but disconnected from twitter. I think is interesting i was. I was in a room last week. End someone's a ten year. Old was briefly in the room before that was deemed. I guess not okay. And and We were asking the the youth some questions about their use of technology. And you know they kind of described it. They were like. Oh it's dischord for adults and that's actually not a bad description to be totally honest like it's kind of scored audio groups but you know audio channels for adults. That's that's not a completely terrible analogy I i'm trying to wrap my head around it. I think there are. I do think they're onto something totally. And i also think i haven't quite had this feeling about something since instagram in two thousand ten like so i was not on the instagram beta n. g. siegler was and he tweeted enough like pictures from it. I definitely kind of it was like okay square pictures filters and then i just say on my other. Podcast dithering with ben thompson. I think the episode that aired this morning. That i remember where i was when i realized instagram out of beta and i could sign up. I was with my family down in disneyworld. And i was on a bus going from I think i even remember which park we're going to. We're going from our hotel to the disney studios park on the little disney transportation. Bus and i was like. Oh it's out of beta quick. Get gruber still available got it start clicking around and like within five minutes because you know all of a sudden we're at disney and it's time to have fun and go on rides and stuff. I was like oh this. Is i get this. This is great. You know now. That is the original instagram where it was. Just you post pictures and you see pictures from the people you follow and you can comment on the pictures And you can apply these filters that re- you know at the time was great feature because don't care cell phone cameras still so crappy. The filters it was perfect and histogram or no hips dramatic amount of it was was awesome so it fit without whole asiatic that was happening with the time that made it. Easy to to apply like they. They didn't take as long as you know. Some of the other filter ops did and it. It really made your photos look better and added remember. When they added the tilt shift feature and amazing. Yeah until fisher. Was this massive deal. Because i was like. Oh my god i can take mr rogers pictures right. Like is how i felt at the time. The hips dramatic took so long. And i don't know. I've never to anybody who could explain it. I don't know if they did it on purpose to to fake. Yeah but it hipster. Matic took so long to apply filters remember talking to somebody at apple about near like. Yeah it makes no sense to even if you're using a bat algorithm it shouldn't take that long and it was like crazy. It was frustrating and instagram. Let you like oh this filter. Nope this filter. Nope and they apply instantly. And then you'd pick one that major picture look better then you'd posted and i was like i got it. I was like oh. This is going to be huge. Just a snap judgment. I feel that way. I feel that way about clubhouse with just with a little less certainty because the thing about instagram was i knew i wanted to use it whereas with gregg house. I'm like i get this. I can see why people really get. I don't think this is for me. Yeah no i kind of agree with you. And i'm like i go back and forth about my feeling like i do. I do think that it's you know. Current valuation is kind of insane. Yes drink the concept has massive legs. Absolutely i think the other difference is is that instagram came out. There were a couple of other Kind of competitor's pick please which was available on both ios and android that dalton caldwell who later did app dot net did and the. Didn't you know work and there were some other kind of attempts at doing similar things but instagram was always wear momentum was and i think it's because they had really strong product direction. I think that always going to be getting the product direction in the attic. Usability was key. It was always product. I don't always product. I clubhouse one of those things were not that i don't think we're i wonder if it's going to be more like an instagram stories. Saying we're not as a staff staffed stories. Thanks but you see where. I'm going with this where it's a great idea but it could be potentially co-opted and done better by someone else. Like i feel like twitter spaces. Could you know. Beat it in a way that you know. No one else even had a chance against instagram. Even though instagram was ios only until it was acquired by facebook like no one else even had a chance at sucks all the oxygen out of the room Because it was it was the best. Might i feel like the concept of clubhouse has a lot of legs just don't know of clubhouse it's going to be the thing or if it'll be whatever mark cuban. He thinks he's doing or if it'll be twitter spaces. I don't think it'll be facebook. Facebook single fall flat on. Its face but i do feel like twitter spaces could potentially you know Hold the the instagram move and like make their version of stories way more successful even though it's a blatant copy it's it's better

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