Foo Fighters Cover the Bee Gees’ ‘You Should Be Dancing’


That sound like the Bee Gees While the Foo Fighters they're sharing their cover of a Bee Gees song while appearing on BBC radio, too. So possessions they played their songs waiting on a war all my life and the Bee Gees. You should be dancing. Front man. Dave Girl says the band decided to cover the song after recently watching a documentary about the BG's. How can you mend a broken Heart who I want to see that grow girl revealed that it was the easiest song he's ever son. He joked that he should and singing like that for the last 25 years. He's kind of got that pitch in range, you know, like very good. You need to watch the documentary Fantozzi had a new respect that was didn't just like the beach has been a new respect after learning more about War of wrote. If you call it, their whole body of work and everything they went through very good, and some of that music still holds up. You know, when you think that just go in the seventies, you think it's still relevant in 2020? They didn't write for disco, though their music was kind of a pop and try to have a soul field, But it fit that if you wanna say genres, they always said that we weren't intending to do Disco is just style of music that fit that that room. Okay. Gotta hear that's gotta hear Dave Girl in that song is the music sounded like the Bee Gees. But I want to hear his voice 5 37

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