Philadelphia Eagles trade QB Carson Wentz to Indianapolis Colts for two draft picks


Story of the day. The Eagles have traded quarterback Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts and oh my goodness. It made me very happy. I was so excited. There's a lot to unpack. I want to start though by mentioning a weird thing first. In the 2016 NFL draft the number and overall pick was Jared Goff. The number two overall pick was Carson Wentz. And both have been traded away from the teams. They were drafted by 19 days apart. Just a weird quick doesn't happen very often the guy a number and overall pick a number 2 overall pick gets traded away. Especially not the quarterback position. Let alone almost in just over two weeks apart from each other. That's crazy. Pretty wild now after the trade the Eagles have a 33.8 Million Dead money. Salary cap charge for the 2021 NFL season what that means I will get into that in a minute. First of all, that's actually by the way the most ever to have dead money cap. I guess charge or penalties by an NFL team. It's so much that I actually thought that might keep the Eagles from trading cars and stuff like that might be so much of a penalty. They're not even getting rid of the guy sounds like they did. I thought it's good for everybody Carson Wentz wanted out they I think we're you know, we'll talk about Jalen hurts in a minute, but I thought it was good to get Carson out of there. It is also kind of weird and interesting I talked about Jared Goff previously very briefly the other the the record for the most amount of dead money against the salary cap was Jared Goff. The Rams amount is 22.2 million dollars off. Beat 19 days later by the Carson Wentz trade what is dead money? You may ask it's basically all the guaranteed money the Eagles still owe Carson Wentz after the trade. So even though Carson is no longer on their team. He still creates a thirty three point eight million dollar cap hit for next year. So over thirty-three million dollars off of the salary cap has taken up for Philadelphia. They cannot use that money for other players. It's weird. It's interesting. It's never that's again the most ever pretty interesting. I was surprised that you know, they still trade off a given that but in the trade the Colts got Carson Wentz so the cold they get their quarterback that the replacement Philip Rivers the replacement for Andrew Luck. I'm happy for the Colts man. They've they've Way to make it work. They lost in Turlock. They had to scramble the Mage Jacoby Brissett work for a year. They made Philip Rivers work for a year. Now. They've got what they believe is their franchise guide Carson Wentz good for them. The Eagles got a 2001 third-round pick for the upcoming NFL draft and a conditional 2022 second-round pick and here's what's really cool. The condition. Is that if Carson Wentz plays 75% off Kohls offensive snaps for next year if it stays healthy place the whole year or you know, it's good enough to be the starter all years and get benched. Then that draft pick goes from a second round pick in 2022 to a first-round picks. Oh, wow. I like about that. People are saying the Eagles got a horrible trade. They got fleeced. It's terrible. Oh my goodness. You gotta realize this is probably the best trade they could possibly find the Eagles traded away Carson Wentz a guy who has an injury history has been injured repeatedly over the years. He's coming off of a horrible season where he was so bad the dude got benched for Jalen hurts a rookie quarterback Club. So the fact that Philadelphia made a trade where they have an opportunity to get a first-round pick that's impressive to me. I think people realize that's the best they were going to get so anybody criticizing Philadelphia you did not realize how I think how little value Carson Wentz really had on the market people like nobody really wants him. I think JJ Watts getting a ton of attention Carson Wentz people are very wary. And I think it's really what's really disappointed me. Is that the Bears didn't get him. What did the Bears did the Bears not want him? I don't understand. Maybe they're trying to John Watson feel like the Bears really lost here. They still got home key who Carson Wentz has problems I think is way better than Mitchell trubisky. So debate that all you want. I don't know how you go. Like. Oh the Bears they got a great quarterback still trubisky. I like it. I think another thing people got realize is that I love the trade for Carson Wentz. He's going to a way better team he gets to play for his former offensive coordinator Frank back in 2017 the best year Carson Wentz ever had in the NFL. He was a before he got hurt. He was an MVP candidate playing under Frank Reich. He's reuniting with that guy that's going to be awesome to got a great relationship and EM the Colts have a great offensive line. They've got to get running game. They've got a great defense Carson Wentz is being put into a great situation. If he does not do well then there's no excuse. You can make he's got great great team around him good support good people. He's getting helped.

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