While Covid case rates have dropped in Washington, averages remain high in Seattle area


Removed from the Christmas holiday, But so so far far no no significant significant spike spike in in covert covert cases cases in in the the state state comas comas Nick Nick Pompom Pompom reports. reports. Overall Overall case case rates rates have have actually actually dropped dropped over over the the last last week, week, he he talked talked with with King King County County executive executive Dow Dow Constantine. Constantine. We can do it. Let's just have people getting tired, and they're getting none, because even as the state is seeing smaller case rates as a whole, places like Pierce County are seeing averages that are still well over 400. I think this is just a reminder for everyone that until everyone gets a vaccine, regardless of fewer cases or hospitalizations, it can change in an instant. If we let our guard down, we've got to keep that out. Right now. The light is at the end of the tunnel keep of supporting each other and one of the requirements for areas to move on to phase two. Is to be able to get a 10% decrease in their case rate and we'll see how long it will take for the Puget Sound region, which is King Pierce in Snohomish County to be able to move on to phase two.

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