Tribes and Native advocates praise Joe Biden’s actions to reverse many of the Trump Administration’s environmental policies affecting tribal lands


This is national native news. Making camera in print tony gonzalez tribal advocates are praising president. Joe biden's quick action to reverse the last administration's environmental policies the mountain west news bureaus savannah mar reports on inauguration day biden took steps to rejoin the paris climate accord. His administration also placed a sixty day moratorium on new leasing and drilling permits on public lands. Biden has also fulfilled campaign promises that were important to tribes including revoking a permit for the keystone xl pipeline. I think there's a sense of indication. Recognition of treaty promises. Matthew campbell is an attorney with the native american rights fund who fought that project on behalf of tribes. In montana and south dakota campbell also represented tribes in the four corners region in their lawsuit opposing the previous administration shrinking of bears ears in grand staircase escalante national monuments. A move biden has pledged to reconsider important first step an important signal that tribal sovereignty will be recognized. The fossil fuel industry is likely to be among biden's biggest detractors. His climate change plan aims to achieve net zero emissions in the us by twenty fifty four national native news. I'm savannah mar reporting for. The story is part of a collaboration between national native news. In the mountain west news bureau native american tribes praised the biden administration this week. For issuing an executive order stopping the keystone excel pipeline but now they're urging additional action to halt other pipeline projects including the dakota access pipeline. The guardian reported the standing rock sioux tribe and the nonprofit earthjustice urged biden in a video to shutdown dapple biden has not made statements on that pipeline but last year when she was a senator vice president kamala harris signed in a mikus brief calling on a judge to shut it down while an environmental impact study was done. Dapple is already transporting half a billion barrels of crude oil daily last week. Seventy five female indigenous leaders sent biden a letter calling for a halt on fossil fuel projects. That threatened the environment. Culture and security of native american lands activist also want the administration to stop construction of line three which would transport canadian tar sands oil across indigenous lands in minnesota in montana this week the state legislature heard three bills that would continue. Efforts launched in two thousand nineteen to address missing and murdered indigenous people. The cut bank pioneer press reports. The bills faced no opposition. One reauthorize task force created in two thousand nineteen and a grant that went to a tribal college to create a database of every missing indigenous person in the state to other bills create a commission to examine cold cases and provide training for search teams and the kansas city star reports. The kansas house of representatives is also considering a bill that would allow the attorney general to coordinate training on murdered and missing indigenous people with tribes. The state bureau of investigation and other law enforcement organizations advocates. Called a good first step. In the philippines eight catholic bishops are calling for an independent investigation into the killings of nine indigenous leaders. The vatican news reports the military claims they were arresting members of the communist new people's army for alleged possession of firearms and explosives and that they resisted but eyewitnesses say. The men were unarmed and offered no resistance. The indigenous leaders were opposing the construction of a dam that would impact indigenous lands. Human rights groups say the government often labels people communists who are fighting for indigenous rights. Also in the philippines indigenous youths may lose a space where they had been sheltering from the military mugabe reports. A group of sixty eight indigenous students and teachers have taken refuge at the university of the philippines and his on city. The campuses of the university have been off limits to military and police under a longstanding packed but the national defense secretary declared an end to that. Pack earlier this month for national native news and making camera

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