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Dose had a major problem. There are the new worries about the UK strain of the virus. Today, the Centers for Disease Control is warning It could be the dominant strain in the U. S. By March. Correspondent Ty Hernandez says it's already been the deadliest month in the nation for this panda. On average. This week, One American death from covert 19 was reported every 30 seconds. And now new concerns about the UK variant, with some British officials warning it could be up to 30% more deadly. Scientists are stressing more research is needed on whether the variant is deadlier. New York State reported a 5.9% statewide rate yesterday and positivity 160 new deaths. The city rate is now at 8.82%, New Jersey reported 6100 new cases and 63 new deaths. Meanwhile, I'll be busy. Outbreak rages. Some cities are reopening indoor dining Chicago Chauffeured Bayliss,

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